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January 05, 2023


Application/Platform Enhancements

  • Applied multiple system optimizations that will improve the WebCam and Screen-
    Sharing experience for any users having low bandwidth/connectivity issues. Video
    streams that are not actively being viewed will be paused. The quality of the video
    streams will also be optimized. 12556, 12686

  • Now using browser built-in components for WebCam and Screen-Sharing for better
    performance. 12383

  • Improved the “Zoom” function for Screen-Sharing. 12092

  • Large Session placement on servers will be optimized to allow more resources for all
    Sessions and greater Session stability. 12610, 12463

  • Quick Poll answers are now passed in a way to increase application performance,
    especially in Large Sessions. 12486

  • Co-Hosts, who do not have a Host seat (and are assigned within the Session Setup),
    now have the ability to create Assessments. 12221

  • A warning is now issued if a Company Admin/Co-Admin attempts to delete a “Session
    Template” (that is used during API Session creation). 11227

  • Multiple platform optimizations have been made to eliminate the chance of having a
    “split session” (where some Attendees appear to be in a different Session instance)
    11122, 11671.

  • Multiple platform optimizations have been made to have “zero-downtime” for several
    system components, improving the platform health and stability. 11160, 11161

  • Addition a WebRTC real-time performance monitoring system to allow for more
    performance benefits in the future. 12555



Application Fixes and Updates

  • Feedback - Applied a fix so that existing Feedback is automatically cleared if an
    Attendee is promoted to Co-Host (or demoted from Co-Host to Attendee). 7681

  • Attendee Menu Options - Applied fix so that when a Host is not in the Main Room,
    they will still see all Attendee Menu Options, even if the Attendee is in the Main Room.

  • Error: “Unable to load CDN resources”. This error, which occurred in a very edge case,
    was fixed. 12700

  • Polls - Applied a fix so that if a Host starts a Poll, then a Co-Host saves changes to a
    secondary Poll, the first Poll will remain open and other Polls can still be started.

  • WebCam – Applied a fix so that if a user has their WebCam turned on, then lose
    internet connectivity temporarily, the WebCam will auto-recover when connectivity
    is restored. Only affected macOS and Chromebook users. 12705

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