How to Unlock the Account when it is Locked

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After multiple incorrect login attempts, Jigsaw Interactive locks the account. This article describes when this happens and how to unlock the account.

Not to be confused with an Account Ban which occurs when a Host kicks an attendee from a session and prevents them from returning in the next 24 hours.


There are two cases when Jigsaw Interactive locks the account:

  1. After 16 failed login attempts when logging in to Jigsaw Interactive.
  2. After 8 incorrect attempts to access the session using the Host, Co-Host, or Presenter's Email.

Jigsaw Administration will notify the user whose email has been used to alert them that an attempt was made to log in to their Jigsaw Interactive account. 


This lock usually remains in effect for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes, you will be able to attempt to log in again. Alternatively, check your IP address and contact Jigsaw Support supplying the IP address and ask to have the account unlocked.

Note: If you don't remember your password, use Password Reset Tool after the account is unlocked.


As a support agent, you should remember that the lock is IP-based. So impersonation won't help to verify the issue. Moreover, since the IP is usually auto-unlocked after 5 minutes, the lock might have been already lifted by the time you address it, especially on chat tickets.

Additionally, the behavior is similar to disabled accounts, so if you are unable to find any IP block then make sure that the student's account is Enabled.

Checking current IP lock

You can check currently locked (or previously locked) IPs in the Jigsaw Administration console by clicking on the Banned IP Addresses button:


Sort by date, and you will see the picture like this:


Accounts that are still locked have the "removed on" column empty, and the button to unlock the account in the Actions column.

To unlock the account (if it is still locked) - click on the button in the row corresponding to the reported IP address.



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