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Asset Management


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Asset Management

How are assets added to the database?

Assets are added by going to the Asset Manager in the top right corner of your Jigsaw homepage. After, you can select the “add” option in the Asset Library.


Are there any limitations on the Jigsaw Presentation Uploads or Conversions?

The following are Jigsaw Presentation Upload/Conversion Limitations:

  • Maximum File Size:  150 MB
  • Maximum # of Slides:  250 Slides
  • No Embedded Video
  • No Embedded Audio


What is the size limitation for an asset?

The maximum size for an asset is 2 GB.  Presentations are currently limited to 150 MB.


How long will assets stay in the library?

Assets stay active and available in the library for 1 year from the date it was last used. For more information, visit Asset Retention Policy.


Do you have to load media beforehand? For buffering?

Yes, assets are managed before the session begins. They’re selected and added to the session via the “Session Assets” tab in the Jigsaw menu. However, assets may be added on-the-fly while in an active live session.  Once added, click Refresh Assets under the Global Attendee Options to find them in the session.


How do we add assets to the session while it is active?

Adding new assets to the session while it is active is done by first, returning to the Jigsaw homepage where the session is located. Then, you will have to click the “Edit Session” button under the session that you want to add assets to. From there, you can go the third tab, called “Assets”, and move the desired assets into the session. Following that, you can go back to your active session and refresh the session assets from the Global Attendee Options Menu.


Can proprietary file formats be used with Jigsaw?

Accepted file formats are:

  • Audio: mp3
  • Document: .csv, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .numbers, .pages
  • Image: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff
  • Presentation: .ppt, .pptx, .key
  • Video: .avi, .flv, .m4v, .mov, .mp4, .webm, and .wmv


Are PowerPoints considered assets?

Yes. An asset is any file used within a Jigsaw session.


Is there a character length max for naming the asset?

Yes – 200 characters.  Also, please note that you should avoid special characters in your filename such as apostrophes, colons, etc.


Are special characters/symbols allowed in the asset filename?

The following are the supported characters/symbols allowed in an asset's filename:

  • Letters
  • Digits (Numbers)
  • Underscore
  • Dash
  • Space
  • Period


If you delete an asset, does it delete it company-wide as well?

If the asset was shared at a Company level, yes. However, if the asset is private, no.  If the same asset was uploaded and shared with the Company by another user, it will still be available. 


Can you search for Assets?

Yes. You can narrow you search by selecting the filter icon next to each filter in the Asset Manager. You can search by name, type, uploaded date, user, and size.


Can I embed videos into my presentation?

You cannot EMBED Videos (files, YouTube, etc.) into your Presentation.  Please use Pane 1 (upload directly into your Asset Library) or use Screen Sharing to show videos during your session.


Can I add timed animations/transitions to my presentation?

Having timed animations/transitions or a timed presentation will not work, and can cause problems when presenting in a session, within Jigsaw.


Why is my presentation not converting?

Two of the most common reasons a presentation fails to convert is an embedded font or a proprietary font. 



I cannot hear an attendee speak when they access the mic? Or their web cam is frozen?

This is most likely a connection issue on the attendee's end. Have the attendee refresh their media connection by clicking on their name in the Attendee List then selecting Refresh My Connection under Other Tools.


If a host puts webcams on, can attendees turn it off?

Hosts can enable and disable webcams, but do not have the ability to force them on due to privacy and security concerns.  Yes, attendees can turn their webcam on and off. When they do, the webcam icon next to their name in the attendee window with be grey.


Can a host turn a web cam off?

Yes. Hosts can enable and disable web cams.  Web cams can also be disabled in individual Breakout Rooms.


Instead of viewing the attendees webcam, can we see attendees’ screens?

The attendees screen can only be seen if they have been given the necessary privileges and choose to share their screen in Pane 2.


How does a host/co-host stop an attendee from talking?

It is possible for the host to enable and disable the mic. The host can click on the attendee's name then click Close Microphone or to disable all microphones, click the Global Attendee Options menu and click Disable Mics.


When Web Cams or Screen Sharing is on all I see are black screens or a green video when the host shows a video in Pane 2.  How can I fix this?

If you are using Chrome or Edge browser for your Jigsaw Sessions, it is possible you are encountering an issue with the Hardware Acceleration feature within the browser settings.  This is a Browser Specific known issue but there is a way to resolve it.  If you open the settings within the Browser and search for Hardware or Acceleration, you will see "Use Hardware Acceleration when available".  Click the slider to disable this feature.  You will need to Relaunch (restart) the browser to make this change take effect.  You can learn more at Qwik Tip - Disabling Hardware Acceleration.


How do I change Pane 1 to Grid View mode?

You need to have at least two webcams turned on and showing in Pane 1, then use the Pull Down menu icon that appears in the upper left of Pane 1 to select Grid View.


Breakout Rooms (BOR)

How many breakout rooms can you have at one time?

This is up to your organization and the agreement with Jigsaw.  Right now the default is 20.  If your organization needs more, your Company Administrator will need to speak to your Salesperson.


How do you move students to breakout rooms?

Breakout rooms are found in the Global Attendees Menu which is the downward pointing arrow in the attendee window. “Manage Breakout Rooms” is under the category of “Other Tools”.  When Allow All Users to Move is selected, the Quick Move option is visible at the top of the Attendees List for Attendees to move themselves.  Otherwise, you can assign users to a room and select Move Users in the Breakout Room Manager or drag users from within the Attendees List.


With breakout rooms, can students move themselves between the rooms?

They can only move themselves back to the main room from a breakout room. They can not move themselves into a breakout room unless the Breakout Room is set to "Allow All Users to Move", only the host can move them from room to room.


Will all attendees be able to use their webcam at the same time in breakout rooms for testing?

Yes. The student’s webcam can be active while in a breakout room.


How do you custom name a Breakout Room?

After selecting “Manage Breakout Rooms” from the Global Attendee Options, you will be taken to a new window. After changing the number of rooms to your preference, you can name the rooms in the next box.


Can I change the PDF Bring Back setting after moving Attendees to a Breakout Room?

Yes.  Once the room is created, the Host or Co-Host can change any of the settings for one or all rooms even when Attendees are in the Breakout Room.



Are you able to know who wrote or typed what?

Yes. It’s listed in the main room of the chat box.


What about if they aren’t participating in the session, but they are chatting in the chat box. Does that count as participating?

Yes, it counts.


Can teachers see all private chats?

Yes.  These are available by viewing the Direct Chat History for individual Attendees while in the Session or viewing the Direct Chat Report after a session.


Can we see what an attendee has deleted in the chat?

Yes. Deleted messages will appear in the chat report that populates following the end of the session.


Can you see the direct chat history for the entire class at one time?

Yes, through the Direct Chat report you can see all the messages at once. Also, from inside the session, you can pull each chat transcript from the user’s individual attendee options.


Do reports include all group and private chats?



Are deleted chat messages recorded somewhere?

Yes, all chat messages are stored in the "Group Chat" or "Direct Chat" reports.


Can the host or co-host monitor the private chat?

Yes, transcripts can be pulled from the direct messages through the reports or from inside the session via the gear icon.


Can the host or co-host send a message to all rooms in a session at once?

Yes, there is a broadcast message box in the chat field.  Click that box and it will send the message to all rooms in the session. 


How long will chats remain visible in a session?

Group Chats will remain in a session for 24 hours following the end of a session.  Direct Chats will remain after 24 hours following the end of a session.



How do I remove the laughing emoji?

You can use "Clear Feedback" found under the Global Attendee Options or click on the feedback as a host to clear it individually.


Can a student/person raise their hand?

Yes. This is done by selecting the smiling emoji at the bottom of your session.


What happens when an attendee raises their hand?

Along with a sound effect within the session, there will be a hand icon next to that attendee’s name.


Host/Admin Tools

Is there the ability to step away (student goes to restroom, etc)?



If a room check is sent and a student is “away” will it log them out?



If the admin is invited to all sessions so they can go in for observations throughout the year, is there an easy way for those admin to see sessions since they will be invited to so many each week?

Yes, there is a way to pull that information as the admin – there is an impersonation feature that we can turn on for the account.


Can you change someone’s role after they’ve logged in?

Yes. Hosts and Co-Hosts can.


Is there a way for administration to monitor student attendance using their Student ID number?



In the presentation, are notes imported from PowerPoint or do you have to type them in Jigsaw?

They are imported when you upload the PowerPoint presentation.


Can the panes be rearranged? So that the whiteboard is at the top and the presentation is at the bottom?

At this time, the panes cannot be rearranged in that way. It is possible to change the sizes of the panes but not change what each pane displays.



Where are recordings saved?

Recordings are saved under the “Recorded” tab of your homepage after signing in.


Can each individual open session be recorded?



During the recording, do the names show?



Can you pause the recording?

Not at this time. When you stop the recording and start it again, it starts a new recording.


Can you see who watched the recordings?

Yes.  Recordings now require an email address to be entered to view.  Under Reports, the Recorded Sessions Overview report shows information on who watched which Session recording when and for how long.


Is the recording stopped if the Host is kicked from class?

The recording will be stopped when the Host leaves and will resume when the Host comes back.  This will create multiple recordings.  As long as there is at least a Co-Host in the session when the Host is kicked, the recording will not be stopped.


Recording Format?

WebM - This is an open media file format designed for the web. WebM files consist of video streams compressed with the VP8 or VP9 video codec, audio streams compressed with the Vorbis or Opus audio codecs, and WebVTT text tracks.

WEBM files can be simply played in Chrome/Firefox. No plugins, extensions, downloads, or installs are needed.



Can you pull a report that shows who did and did not click during a room check?

Yes, you can pull a report for it.


What format are reports in? (Specifically, the Chat Report)

The Chat Report can be exported in any the following file formats:

  • Crystal Reports (RPT)
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Excel (97-2003)
  • Microsoft Excel (97-2003) Data Only
  • Microsoft Excel Workbook Data-Only
  • Microsoft Word (97-2003)
  • Microsoft Word (97-2003) – Editable
  • Rich Text format (RTF)
  • XML



Is there a maximum number of participants that can be in one session?



If you’re co-teaching, can there be more than one host for a session?

The creator of the session will have the title of host. However, there can be a co-host assigned to the session as well.  The co-host can lead sessions and act as a host (co-teacher).  There can be multiple co-hosts in a session.


When I log into Jigsaw I am missing the +Create and Clone options.  What do I do?

Contact your Organization's Administrator.  They will need to add you as a Host within the Organization before you are able to create sessions.


How do we (as admins) cancel a session?

Sessions can be cancelled by clicking the blue “Edit Session” button under the session that you want to cancel. That button will take you to the details section of that session. In the top right corner, next to the “Join Session” button, is the button to “Cancel Session”.


If we teach four classes, do we create separate sessions? Do they stay open?

Yes, creating four separate sessions is encouraged. They are set as “open” when creating the session so that the link to join stays the same for the attendees. The sessions can be set to where attendees can only join when the host is currently in the session.  You can set the sessions for different start and end dates and different times.


Can attendees log in at any time if you use the “Open” class option?

You can set up your session to be “Live” which means that students/attendees can only join when the host/co-host is already in the session.


If we have the same group of attendees every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in the same session, do we use recurring sessions?

It is recommended to set up a Live > Open session for this group so there is only one link to get in to the session.  Recurring will have a new session for each day each week.  You will also be able to select specifically Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday as the only days the session is open.


What does it mean when a name turns orange or red in the attendee list?

This means the person is experiencing a connection issue.  Orange means not good/caution.  Red means really bad.


Can I edit a session while attendees are in the Session?

Yes.  Once you make edits to the Session from, you will go to the Global Attendee Options within the Session and click Refresh Session Settings.


System Requirements

Is there a preferred browser?

Google Chrome and Edge are the preferred browsers.  We do support Firefox, as well.


Where are the audio settings?

The audio settings are under the gear icon next to your name in the attendee pane.



If students go away from group to own whiteboard, can that be saved work?

Yes, they can save the whiteboard as a PDF.


If you allow students to insert images, can they just insert anything or is there a restriction?

They can insert anything if the whiteboard is unlocked for them.  Images from Pane 3 can be inserted.  If they have the Jigsaw App installed, they can also take screenshots and Copy/Paste images.


Can the Host or Co-Host see the contents of an attendee's "My Whiteboard"?

No, My Whiteboard is personal to each session attendee.  Note:  This is an enhancement that is coming soon (2022).  Talk to your Salesperson for more information.


The Undo button on the Whiteboard becomes unresponsive after adding objects to the Whiteboard.  Why does this happen?

There is a limitation to the Undo working after 30 objects are added to the Whiteboard and the Undo button is used.  This means that once 30 objects are removed to a single Whiteboard page using Undo, the Undo button will be unresponsive.  This is not a bug, but an intentional design functionality to keep the Whiteboard working efficiently.


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