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Test Rooms are now available in the Breakout Room Manager.  The Test Room is a simple version of the Breakout Room with limited functionality.  With a Test Room, only one is needed no matter how many attendees will be moved in the room.  How is this possible?  It is simple.  When you create a Test Room, the attendees:

  • Host or Co-Host must move the Attendee into the Test Room
  • Sees only their camera and the Host and/or Co-Hosts cameras (no other attendee's camera is visible)
  • Can only Direct Chat with the Host or Co-Host (so no chatting among attendees)
  • Attendees have Raise Hand option in Test Room
    • Host and Co-Host can clear individually or globally (must be in the Test Room to clear globally)
  • Will be able to view Group or Broadcasted Chats posted by the Host or Co-Host
  • Will be able to view the Presentations, if loaded
  • Will be able to hear the Host/Co-Host talk, but no other attendee
  • Will be permitted to participate in a Private Conversation with a Host or Co-Host (Host/Co-Host must initiate)
  • All Attendees can hear the Host/Co-Hosts speak

This allows the Host and/or Co-Host to monitor attendees as they work without having to move across multiple Breakout Rooms.


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