Qwik Tip - Using the Whiteboard Tools

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Whether you are using My Whiteboard or the presenter has unlocked the Group Whiteboard, you have many tools available.

Tools available:

  • Selector:  Select an item you have placed on the Whiteboard
  • Line*:  Draw a line, arrow, or double-headed arrow
  • Square*:  Draw a square
  • Triangle*:  Draw a triangle
  • Circle*:  Draw a circle
  • Polygon*:  Draw a polygon
  • Pencil*:  Use a pencil to draw or write
  • Highlighter*:  Use a highlighter to draw, write, or highlight
  • Textbox*:  Add text to the Whiteboard
  • Eraser:  Select & erase or erase the last item added to the Whiteboard
  • Save as PDF: Save the current Whiteboard as a PDF
  • Insert Image:  Insert an Image from the images that are loaded in Pane 3
  • Insert Background:  Insert an image as a Whiteboard background from the images in Pane 3
  • Insert Screenshot:  Add a screenshot from anywhere on your monitor.
  • Undo:  Undo the last action
  • Redo:  Redo the last action removed

The tools with stars next to the names are customizable.  You can change the color, line width, and/or font style.

Note:  In order for a color to take effect, you must make sure the color you want appears in the box at the bottom of the Choose Color box and click OK.



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