Qwik Tip - Unlocking Group Whiteboard

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You are in your session and you want attendees to collaborate using the Whiteboard but they keep telling you they do not see any tools to use on the Whiteboard.  What do you do???  Easy-Peasy!  We have you covered.



First, decide if you need all attendees to have access to the Whiteboard tools or just a few.  If it is all of them, then if it is just a few clicks of your mouse and ta-da! They have access.  If you want a few attendees to have access, then you need to decide which ones, then give access to those individuals.  Here is how:


Unlocking the Group Whiteboard for All Attendees

1. Click on the Global Attendee Options at the top of the Attendees List.

2. Select Unlock Group Whiteboard.




1. Click the down arrow on the Group Whiteboard (Pane 4) and

2. Click Unlock Group Whiteboard


3. The Group Whiteboard is now unlocked for all attendees.



Unlock Group Whiteboard for Individual Attendees

1. Select the attendees who need access and click their names in the Attendees List.

2. Select Unlock Whiteboard.



3. Anyone who you selected will now have access.




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