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Don't you just love fonts, videos, and audio in a presentation?  You can have a lot of FUN with making a presentation YOU by adding custom fonts, a video here, some audio there.  But sometimes they can cause problems with a presentation when you upload them to your Asset Library. 

You have uploaded your presentation and moved on to another task giving it time to convert.  After some time has passed, you go back only to see it is still converting. 



But you uploaded that presentation over an hour ago!  There are a few reasons this could have happened:

  • The file could be very large.  If your file contains videos and lots of images, it could take quite some time to convert.
    • It is best to upload videos and audios as separate assets and show them to attendees in Pane 1 instead of through your presentation (sound cannot play through Pane 2 and videos cannot be embedded in your presentations).
  • Avoid special characters in your filename such as apostrophes, colons, etc.  The only supported characters in a filename are:
    • Letters
    • Numbers/Digits
    • Underscore
    • Dash
    • Space
    • Period
  • You may have uploaded during a peak uploading period.  Is everyone else uploading their assets at the same time?  This can slow down the conversion process.  If at all possible, try to upload your assets 12-24 hours in advance.  We understand this is not always possible.
  • The file is saved as an older version type.  If you see your file is saved with the file extension .ppt, try saving it as .pptx
    • This is simple to do.  Just open your PowerPoint, click File then Save As.
    • Select File Type and choose PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx).
  • You may have a Read-Only/Personal Use font in the presentation.  If you have downloaded a font from a Font Sharing site then used it in your presentation, it is possible that our Conversion Server is blocking the presentation from converting due to font's permissions.  Go back and look at the Terms of Use End User License Agreement or to the site where the font came from to see how the creator classified the font.
    • If the font is labeled as Freeware, Non-Commercial or Personal Use Only, it will most likely be packaged as Read-Only.  If you want to use it Commercially (or have the Read-Only removed), you will need to look at the information for that font to find out how to purchase that license. 



  • Some fonts are complete freeware fonts and will not have the Read-Only status checked in its Settings, but under Security "Writing" permission is not given to all users.  The Conversion Server needs this Writing ability for the Annotation tools that are available in Pane 2.  This can be changed by going into your Control Panel > Fonts.  But you will have to do this with all the downloaded, freeware fonts.

Please Note:  Do not load the same asset numerous times if you do not see it in your session.  Loading it numerous times causes the converter to become backlogged and can impact anything you and others are trying to add to your sessions.  If an asset does not upload after the first time, provided you have given it sufficient time to convert and load (about 30 minutes) and you clicked Refresh Assets in your session, do the following:

  • Delete the asset from your Asset Library and try to upload it again
  • If it still is not working, contact your Jigsaw Super User, your Account Manager, or create a Jigsaw Support Ticket.
  • If there are issues that are preventing the PowerPoint from converting, you can use Pane 2 to screen share your presentation until this can be resolved.


Steps to change Font Security Permissions


  • Click Start and type in Control Panel
    • You do not want to go into Settings > Control Panel for this task
  • Click Control Panel when it appears in the list



  • Click Fonts in the list



  • Right-Click the Font you need to view and select Properties



  • If Read-only is checked, you should not use this font in your Jigsaw Presentation.



  • If Read-only is unchecked, you should be able to change the permissions to Write.  First, look to see if there is a Security message below the Read-only box.
    • This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer. 
    • If you are comfortable with this font being on your computer, check the Unblock box and click Apply.



  • Next click the Security Tab.



  • Check to see if any of the Group or user names have the Write permission unchecked.  If so, this is what you need to change.
  • Click Edit
    • Go through each Group or user name and click the box under Allow for Write.  Click Apply after each one.



  • When finished, Click OK.




  • The only option you have on a Mac is to check the permissions.  You are not able to change them.
  • Open your Finder window > Click Applications.
  • Double-click Font Book to open.
  • Locate your Font and click information
  • Check for Copy Protected
    • If Yes, you will not be able to use in a presentation for Jigsaw Sessions
    • If No, you should be able to use in a presentation for Jigsaw Sessions




Note:  It is best to use Fonts that are supported by Microsoft.  We do.  Here is a site with a list of those fonts:  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/font-list/




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