Qwik Tip - Attendee View of a Test Room

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The Test Room looks different for an Attendee.  The Attendee will see the Attendee List, but in Pane 1 will only see the Co-Host/Host Web Cam and his/her own Web Cam.  The Attendee will not see anyone else's Web Cam in the room. 

The Attendee will be able to see chat messages that the Host or Co-Host post, but the Group Chat will be locked from the Attendee posting messages.  However, the Attendee will have access to the Direct Chat for the Host or Co-Host.  Attendees will not be able to Direct Chat with one another.

There is a Raise Hand icon in the bottom left corner of the session for the Attendee to use to get the attention of the Host or Co-Host.  They can then Direct Chat with one another or use the Web Cam to communicate.


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