Qwik Tip - Using the Noteboard

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The Noteboard in your session is a handy feature that will allow you to take or post notes during your session.  This could be personal or group notes (your Host and/or Co-Host has the option to make notes visible to all or have your notes visible only to you and the Host and Co-Host.


  1. Noteboard Options:  Export to PDF.
  2. Noteboard View:  Change between Group and Personal Notes (Host and Co-Host will also have Presenter Notes).
  3. Maximize Me:  Increase view to entire Side Panel.
  4. UnPin Pane:  Open Noteboard in a separate window. You can Repin Panes through icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the Jigsaw Session window.
  5. Create New Note:  Write a new note to post to the Noteboard.
  6. Added Note:  This is where you view notes that have been added to the Noteboard.
  7. Edit Note:  You can edit your Notes that have been added.
  8. Show More/Less:  Show the entire note or less of the note.
  9. Delete Note:  Remove the note from the Noteboard.





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