Qwik Tip - Using the Text Box Tool on the Whiteboard

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Have you ever found yourself using the Text Box tool on the Whiteboard only to have your attendees say they cannot see what you are typing?  You are not alone.  We all have had that happen and it is actually working as it is meant to on the Whiteboard.  See, there is this little green Done button at the bottom of the Whiteboard that we have to click before the text will appear for anyone else.  Let me show you.


1. Click the Text Box tool to select the tool.

2. Draw the text box on the Whiteboard.

3. Type the text that you want to appear in the text box.  Your Attendees will not be able to see the text until you complete Step 4.



4. Click the Green Done button at the bottom of the Whiteboard.



5.  Once you click Done, the Attendees will be able to see the text on their Group Whiteboard.





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