Qwik Tip - Adding Images to the Whiteboard

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To insert an image onto the Whiteboard from Pane 3, a couple of things need to happen first.

1. The host or presenter must add images to the session so they appear in Pane 3.

2. The host or presenter must unlock the Group Whiteboard to allow Attendees to insert images onto the Whiteboard.

Once these two things occur, the Attendees are able to take images the host or presenter have added to the session and place onto the Group Whiteboard.  They will also be able to draw or write on those images using the Whiteboard Tools.


Steps to Add Images from Pane 3 to the Group Whiteboard

1. Click on the image in Pane 3 that you want to add to the Whiteboard.



2. A preview of the image will open.  Click the Insert to Whiteboard button below the image.



3. You will now see that image on the Group Whiteboard.  You can click the image to resize it or click any of the tools on the Whiteboard to draw or write on the image.



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