Qwik Tip - Screen Sharing as an Attendee

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There will be times that you, as an Attendee in the session, will need to share your screen.  The Host or Co-Host will first have to grant you the permission to share by clicking on your name in the Attendees List in the session then selecting Unlock Screen Share.  You do not need to be a Host/Co-Host to screen share. 


Jigsaw App

You may choose to download and install the Jigsaw App before joining the session. 

1. To do this, you will log in to your Jigsaw account at https://app.jigsawinteractive.com and click the profile icon. 

2. From the menu that appears under the Profile icon, click Test my computer.

3. Select the appropriate install method based on your computer's Operating System (OS):  Mac or Windows.



4. Once the Jigsaw app is downloaded, locate it either at the bottom of your screen, in your Downloads folder, or it may pop-up automatically (depends on which Operating System and browser you are using).  If it does not open automatically, click (or double-click) the download to begin the installation process.

5. On the Install window, click Install.



6. You will see the status bar move as the installation proceeds. 



7. Click Close when finished.




Screen Sharing

Once you are granted that permission AND switched Pane 2 to Screen Sharing, here are the steps on how to screen share:

1. Once you see Pane 2 as Screen Sharing, click the Screen Sharing icon in the Pane 2 title bar.



2. Depending on your browser, you may need to select from a drop-down option of Desktop or Application.  Select the appropriate action based on what you need to screen share.  This would also be the time when you would install the Jigsaw App if you did not install it before the session or did not install it from a previous session (See Jigsaw App above).



3. The next window will have you confirm Desktop or Application and if you have multiple monitors connected to your computer, you will need to select which monitor to share.  This is also where you would allow a Host or Co-Host to have remote access to your computer if this is desired.



4. Click Share to begin screen sharing.

5. Once you are sharing, you can close the window and have the option to view what others are seeing from your screen.  Or if you have finished, clicked Stop Sharing to end the sharing session.





6. If you closed the Screen Sharing window and clicked Show My Screen Sharing, and now need to Stop Screen Sharing, simply click the Screen Sharing icon again (just like you did when you first started screen sharing).







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