Qwik Tip - Allow Only One Mic

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"As Host, I want my microphone available 100% of the time, but I want the attendees to only be able to talk one at a time."

Great News!

You are able to use one microphone at a time while the teacher's is on but have all available.


1.  Enter your session as the Host.

2.  Go to Global Attendee Options and select Allow Only One Mic.



3.  Click on your name to select Open Microphone (if you see Closed Microphone, this means your mic is already open).



4.  Go to the microphone next to your name and click to turn it on (it will turn green).



5.  When an attendee clicks on their mic, it will turn green giving them mic permissions.  Other attendees will see a red mic and not be able to their mic on.



6.  Once the student releases the mic, another student can have control.  If a student "forgets" to release control of the mic, you can simply click the green mic next to his name two times.  The first click disables the mic and releases control.  The second click will enable the mic so they can talk again when needed.


NOTE:  If you are using these settings in a Breakout Room, or enter a Breakout Room, when you return to the Main Room your mic will revert to the Global Main Room Mic setting.  Resetting the mic to its original state is on our list of things to do.



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