Qwik Tip - Disabling Mics

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You are in a session and thought you disabled everyone's mic, but an attendee suddenly turned his on.  How did this happen?  There are a couple of ways this could have happened depending on

1. Did you disable mics for all attendees using the global feature?

a. If yes, did you click on an attendee's mic?  This automatically enables the mic.

2. Did you disable mics for attendees one-by-one?

a.  If yes, did you accidentally miss one or did someone join after you disabled them?  Unless you turned them off globally, if someone joins they will have the global permissions.


Here are some scenarios:

1. All mics are enabled but none are turned on.



2. All mics are enabled and two mics are on.



3. Host clicks Disable Mics under the Global Attendee Options menu



The Hosts mic is enabled but all attendees are disabled (mic is grayed out with a slash through it).



The Host will need to click Enable Mics under the Global Attendee Options menu to turn them all on at once.



4. The Host clicks Allow Only One Mic under the Global Attendee Options menu.



Attendees see a red mic icon when someone is talking.  The Host is always able to use the mic no matter who is talking.



The host will need to click Allow Multiple Mics under the Global Attendee Options menu to allow more than one mic to be used at the same time.



5.  The host can also click on an individual mic icon to enable it so an attendee can talk while others are disabled.



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