Qwik Tip - Refresh My Connection

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Have you ever been in a session and suddenly you notice someone is talking but their face seems to be frozen in mid-sentence? 

Or you were looking at the web cams and now some of them appear as black boxes on your screen. 

Or maybe the presenter was talking and now you hear nothing, but the other attendees are participating as if the presenter was still asking questions. 

Jigsaw has created a quick troubleshooting tool for you to use in-session.  The Refresh My Connection tool will reset your connection to your Jigsaw session without you needing to exit and return.  And it is simple to use.


Steps to Use Refresh My Connection

1. Click on your name or the gear at the end of your name in the Attendees List.

2. Click Refresh My Connection at the bottom of the list where you see Having Problems?





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