Qwik Tip - Busy Mic Status and How To Resolve

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You are in a session and your attendees report they cannot use the mic and it shows "The Microphone is Busy..." or their microphone is outlined in red and they are unable to click it, this means your session is set to "Allow Only One Microphone" Audio mode.  As the Host, you are not able to see the microphone in this state unless you release the mic and someone else takes control.

This can be resolved in two ways:

1. Temporarily for the live session only.

  • Click on the Global Attendee Options
  • Select Allow Multiple Mics
  • This will allow attendees to have mic access immediately.



2. Permanent for the scheduled session whenever it is open.

  • Return to https://app.jigsawinteractive.com and click on Edit under the Session name on the My Sessions page.
  • Click #2 Settings.
  • Under Audio, next to Use Computer Microphone, click the down arrow for Allow Only One Microphone and select Allow Multiple Microphones.AllowMultipleMicPermanent.png


  • Click the "Click here to save your changes" messages located at the bottom right to save this change.
  • Return to your session and go to the Global Attendee Options and select Refresh Session Settings.





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