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Do you ever receive either or both of these messages while in a Jigsaw Session using Chrome on Windows?

mceclip0.png  mceclip1.png

Both messages are indicators that the microphone Chrome has allowed the session to access has become unavailable.  This is most often seen if another program running in the background takes control of the hardware.  If you happen to have Zoom running, even minimized, or were possibly chatting in Zoom before this occurred, Zoom could have taken control of your mic.  This could also happen with similar types of applications such as Skype.

You can try the following to relinquish access from the other application on your Windows computer:

1. In your windows tray, find the speaker icon.

2. Right click it and select Sounds.

3. Click the Recording tab and find the Default Mic. It should be the one with the Green Checkbox.

4. Right click it and select Properties.

5. Click on the advanced tab and check the Exclusive mode boxes. If they are checked, uncheck them, starting with the bottom option first.



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