Dashboard Panel: Host/Co-Presenter Time Spent (in minutes)

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The Host/Co-Presenter Time Spent(in minutes) panel displays the number of minutes spent by feature.


To allow the smaller "pie slices" to be visible, click one of the top listed features to remove it from the pie chart.

For example, if you did not want to display the the "Session Recorded" in the pie chart (denoted by red here):



Simply, click once on "Session Recorded" and it will turn grey and the data will be removed from the pie chart (see below). Now, the smaller pie slices have more room to be displayed. Note that this only affects which pie slices are displayed.


Drill-Down to see "Session Assets Used"

Hover over the "i" (information) icon, then click on the link that appears...

This will take you to the "Session Assets Used" drill-down dashboard. It shows all of the typical Session information, as well as the Attendee who interacted with the Asset, the Type of Asset, and the "Name" of the Asset

On this drill-down dashboard, you can also filter for a specific "Asset Type"...


You can also export this list to a CSV/Excel file.

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