Qwik Tip - Web Cam Mirroring

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When Enable Web Cam Mirroring (All Web Cams) is unchecked on the Session Settings screen when creating or editing a session, attendees in the session will be able to read anything that is displayed by another user's web cam correctly. 


Please Note:  The user displaying the item will still see the item backwards on their screen.

For the Presenter to view the web cam as the attendees are viewing, Chrome and Firefox offers a Picture in Picture option.  To use this:

1. Turn on your Web Cam.

2. Right-click over the Web Cam view in Pane 1 and select Picture in picture.



3. This will cause Pane 1 to go black and a video stream of your camera to appear in the bottom corner of your screen in the same view as the attendees.




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