Qwik Tip - Disabling Hardware Acceleration

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In Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, when hardware acceleration is enabled it is supposed to allow the browser to access your device graphics hardware to speed up the processes in hopes of improving the user experience when surfing the Internet.

However, this has also been the cause of some negative affects to experiences depending on one's device configurations resulting in certain visual elements from displaying correctly.  If you see this occurring, you can disable your hardware acceleration feature in the Chrome or Edge browser to fix the issue.


1. Open Chrome or Edge.

2. Click the horizontal (Chrome) or vertical (Edge) ellipsis menu in the top right corner and click on Settings.

3. In the Search bar on the page, type in "Hardware" or "Acceleration" (or both).

4. When you see "Use hardware acceleration when available" turn off the toggle switch.

5. Click the Relaunch button.

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