Dashboard Panel: Browser Used

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The Browser Used panel shows the Browsers (or devices) used to join Session(s)



Drill-Down to see "Browser Details"

Hover over the "i" (information) icon, then click on the link that appears... 



Clicking the link will open the drill-down dashboard showing the "Browser Details".

Note:  Any filters applied to the main dashboard will be inherited by this one. 


Additionally, you can apply the "Browser" filter on this dashboard. For example, to see only Chrome browsers, select "Chrome" from the "Browser" filter.


Note: This Dashboard shows very detailed versions of each browser used on a daily basis. The Max, Avg, and Total usage for each browser can be seen in the Legend.

Included, at the bottom of this Dashboard, is a table that shows the Participant/Attendees for each Session along with their browser detail information.


This information can be exported to a CSV/Excel spreadsheet.

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