Reports: Exporting Reports

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The meeting Host, as well as assigned Co-Hosts, can view and export reports.  The types of reports available are:

  • Session Overview
  • Invitee List
  • Weekly Attendance Report
  • Group Chat Report
  • Direct Chat Report
  • Attachment List
  • Presenter Notes
  • Session Notes (Group Only)
  • Quick Poll Overview
  • Poll Overview
  • Recorded Sessions Overview
  • Activity Report
  • Session Asset Report

How to Access Reports

From the "My Sessions" page, choose either "Upcoming Sessions" or "Past Sessions".  Find the meeting to pull reports from and select the "Reports" button.



Enter the date range to filter for reports within a specified date.  Click on each report to view the individual report in your browser.  For Session Overview and Invitee List, the date range is not needed.



When opening each report individually, you will find a menu bar across the top of the report.  You can export the individual report by choosing the Export icon for more export options.




When finished, click Close Report to return to the list of Reports.



To download all reports, enter a date range and click Export All to create a zipped file of all reports.



A message will appear notifying you that the export has started and the process may take time.  Once completed, you may see the zipped folder in your Downloads folder.  It will need to be extracted (unzipped) and will contain the following:



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