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Google Chrome has introduced a Live Captioning tool within the browser which provides limited or basic speech-to-text service directly in the browser.  It is:

  • FREE
  • Real-Time
  • Part of the Google Chrome Browser

Please note this feature is not fully released.


There are two steps to enabling:

1. Activating the flag

2. Enabling the option


Steps to enable for both Computer and Chromebook:

1. In the Chrome browser address bar, enter this URL:

  • chrome://flags/#enable-accessibility-live-captions

2. Set the option to "Enabled"



3. Restart your browser (on a Chromebook, restart the entire Chromebook)

4. In the Chrome browser bar, enter this URL:

  • chrome://settings/accessibility

5a. On a Computer, enable "Live Caption"



5b. On a Chromebook, click the "Accessibility Features" option.

  • In the pop-up, enable "Live Caption"

6. Join a Jigsaw session.  When someone (other than you) speaks, you will see the text!


You can also change the way the captioning looks by clicking the "Caption Preferences" option in the Accessibility Features (chrome://settings/accessibility). This is how those options appear on a Mac:







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