Using the Timer in a Session

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The Timer is a great way to show attendees how much time they have for an activity (countdown) or provide them a set amount of time to complete something (Stopwatch).  You can have up to two (2) timers going at one time (so if you have two attendees completing separate activities needing two different countdowns or stopwatches, this comes in handy).

Please Note:  Timers appear in the Breakout Rooms, but cannot be setup from within the Breakout Rooms.

How to Use the Timer



1. First, make sure you are on the Timer 1 tab.

2. Provide the timer with a name.  This could simply be the name of the attendee, your name, session name, etc.

3. Select where this will be a Stopwatch or Count Down timer.  Once selected, enter the number of minutes for the timer.

4.  Select who can see the timer:  All Attendees or Host and Current Presenter (this includes Co-Hosts).

5.  Select whether there will be No Sound or Sound for the last designated seconds.  If you select Last, enter in the number of seconds the sound will be heard for.

6.  Hide or Show.  If you select Show, the Timer will be shown in the bottom left of the session in the Toolbar. 


7.  Click Start for the Timer to begin.

8.  If you need a second Timer, click Timer 2 to set up the second Timer.

If you ever need to reset either of the Timers, click Reset for the Timer needing reset.

You can click X in the upper right-hand corner of the Timer Settings dialog box to close the box to resume your session.


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