How to Create and Release Assessments

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Types of Assessments

Not Scored






Add Assessment

Add Polls

Assessment Designer

Clone Assessment

Edit Assessment

Releasing or Launching Assessments


Evaluations, Quizzes, and Surveys

Assessment Type Scored Anonymous Visible in Pane 3 Create from Asset Library Create in Session Edit in Session
Poll No No No Yes Yes Yes
Evaluation No No Yes Yes No Yes
Quiz Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Survey No Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Types of Assessments

Not Scored

Assessments created with any question type which are not calculated for points. 

  • Poll
    • Can be set up within the Asset Library when creating/editing a session or within the session under the Global Attendee Options of the Main Room.  Polls appear within the Poll Manager located under the Global Attendee Options.
    • All Users are able to move the Poll window around within the session after a Host/Co-Host starts an Poll.
  • Evaluation
    • Can be set up within the Asset Library when creating/editing a session.  Evaluations appear in Pane 3 and must be released or launched before Attendees can complete.
  • Survey
    • Can be set up within the Asset Library when creating/editing a session.  Surveys are anonymous and will appear in Pane 3.  Surveys must be released or launched before Attendees can complete.


Assessment created with any question type which are calculated based on the number of points assigned.

  • Quiz
    • Can be set up within the Asset Library when creating/editing a session.  Quizzes will appear in Pane 3 and must be released or launched before Attendees can complete.

Add Assessment

All Assessments can be added when creating/editing a Session.  Under #3 Assets the Host/Co-Host:

1. Click +Add



2. Select Assessment



3. Complete the Bring your assessment to life screen

A. Assessment Title

B. Description (Optional)

A description can provide information at a later date with the content of the assessment.

C. Scored or Not Scored

D. Type of Assessment

Non-Scored >Poll, Evaluation, or Survey are the available assessments.

Scored > Quiz is chosen, enter the number of Points the Quiz will be worth.

E. Who has Access to Assessments

Assessments are similar to other Assets so they can be used by others in the Organization or only by the individual who created them.

F. Tags

Add tags to quickly locate the assessment at a later date.

G. Cancel or Continue

Click Continue to move on to the Assessment Builder.



4. The Assessment is added to the Asset Library and to the Session Assets (if the Asset is created under the Asset Manager, it is just added to the Asset Library unless a specific session is selected).


5. The Assessment is now available to be added to any of your sessions.


Add Polls

Polls can also be created within the session.

If a Poll is created within a session, its availability in the Asset Library will default to  "Assessment can be used by" - Only Me. This means that only the Host/Co-Host who created the poll will be able to upload it to future sessions. 

To create a Poll from within the session:

  1. The Host or Co-Host will click on the Global Attendee Options icon located at the top left of the Attendee List
  2. Then select Poll
  3. Next click on Create Poll
  4. Enter a title for the Poll.
  5. The Assessment Editor opens (see Assessment Editor for steps on how to build an assessment)

Please Note:  Polls must be added to a Breakout Room from the Session Assets.  They cannot be created/edited from the Poll Modal within the Breakout Room.

To have them assigned to a specific room:

1. Open the Breakout Room Manager

2. Select the Room to add the Poll

3. Click the Assets tab

4. From the Asset Library, select the Poll(s) to add to the Room Assets

5. Click the arrow to add to the room



Assessment Editor

A. Question Type List

B. Form Builder

C. Properties

D. Save


To begin creating an Assessment:

1. Set up the properties for the Assessment (make sure Assessment is showing in the first field under the Properties section).



2. Enter a Title, a Description (optional), and any points if a scored Assessment.



3. Next, move to the Show on Completed section.  By checking the "Show completed message at the end", the message entered in the Completed Html box will be presented after an Assessment has been completed.



4. Finally, move to the Timer/Quiz section.  Here you can enter the maximum time for each page and/or the entire Assessment to be finished.  You can also select if this will be shown to Attendees at the top or bottom of the Assessment (Show timer panel), as well as if the total amount of time left is shown for the page or the Assessment (Show timer panel mode).



5. Next, set up Page properties with a Title and Description (Optional).  The Page properties are visible by default.



6. The final step is adding the question types (A) to the Form Builder (B). 



A. Select your question type and drag to the Form Builder (center of the screen).

Question Types include:

  • Radiogroup:  One choice question
  • Checkbox:  Multiple choice question
  • Yes/No:  Boolean choice question
  • Rating:  Value choice question
  • Single Input:  Single question entry for text, e-mail, date, etc.
  • Comment:  Essay-type question
  • Html:  HTML element question (you create the question using HTML elements)


B. Next, customize the question.  This can be done from the Form Builder by clicking on each section of the question or from the Question Properties located at the right side of the Assessment Editor.  The Question Properties offers more customization options.



Question Properties

  • General
    • Title
    • Description (Optional)
    • Points (if Scored)
    • Is Required (makes the question required to be answered)
    • Has Comment (A comment box will appear below the question)
      • Comment Text



  •  Choices
    • Form Entry
    • Fast Entry



  •  Data
    • Correct Answer (select the correct answer for the question)



*PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a Timer Set for the Assessment and set any question as a Required Question, the Timer will be disabled.  If you have these two enabled in an Assessment and click 'Save', a warning message will appear by the Save button informing you the Timer will be disabled.


7. Click Save at the top of the Assessment Builder to save once you have added all the questions for the Assessment.



Clone Assessment

The Host and Co-Host have the ability to clone Assessments from within the Session. 

1. Under Actions, click Clone Assessment.



2. Enter a new name for the cloned Assessment. Then click Close.



Edit Assessment

Editing can occur in three locations:

  • In-Session:  If the Assessment has not been completed by an Attendee in the Session.  This will only edit the Assessment in the session; not the original/master Assessment.
    • For Polls, click Edit Poll once the Poll has been opened under the Global Attendee Options.
    • For Evaluations, Surveys, and Quizzes, click the down arrow under the Actions column for the Assessment in Pane 3.  Select Edit Assessment.Edit.jpg
  • Session Assets:  If the Assessment has not been completed by an Attendee in the Session.  This will only edit the Assessment in the session; not the original/master Assessment.
  • Asset Library:  At any time but will change the original/master Assessment, not the one assigned to a Session. 



Releasing or Launching Assessments





Polls are launched from the Poll Manager under the Global Attendee Options menu.

1. Click the Global Attendee Options icon in the upper left corner of the Attendees List

2. Click on Poll



3. Click on the name of the Poll to open it



4. Click Start Poll



The Poll will appear over the Session window for Co-Hosts and Attendees to complete.  All Users are able to move the Poll window around within the session after a Host/Co-Host starts a Poll.

When the Host/Co-Host is ready to end the Poll or when all users have completed it, the Host/Co-Host that has started it will click End Poll.




Results can be copied to the Whiteboard as a list or chart. 

  • Click Copy To Whiteboard while on the List tab to show text results of the Poll.
  • Select the Chart tab and select the Chart to display, then click Copy To Whiteboard to show the chart results of the Poll.



From the Chart tab, graphs results can be filtered to view one answer/response at a time per question. 

  • Using the filters, the Host/Co-Host can reduce the graph to just one bar/answer or clear it to return the complete set of answers/responses.  This is controlled by the following menu (or have the option to click directly onto the graph to filter).


- More information on the Filtering Bar Coming Soon




  • After releasing the poll and then viewing the “Chart”, click on one of the responses represented on the bar chart to filter in on a single response.



  • To restore all answers/responses, hit “Clear” which returns all the answers back to the chart.




  • Using a combination of the Zoom In/out, the Host/Co-Host is able to resize the answer responses and answer choices. Also, use the Hide/Reset filter along with expanding the window to see the full set of answers.


  • Using “clear” will restore the answer selections.

To return to the Poll List, click Return to List.  Click another Poll to release one or click the X in the upper right corner to close the Poll window.



Evaluations, Quizzes, and Surveys

Releasing and Launching

Reports - Coming Soon

Releasing and Launching

Evaluations, Quizzes, and Surveys are released and launched from Pane 3.  The attendees see them under Released Assessments.



As a Host/Co-Host,

1. Click the Hamburger Icon and select Assessments.



2. From the list of Assessments, check the box under Released next to the Assessment to be released to attendees.  This will release the Assessments in Pane 3 for attendees. 


Click the down arrow under Actions and click Maximize & Release for the Assessment to be released.  This will cause the Assessment to immediately maximize Pane 3 and open the Assessment for the Attendee to complete.




Coming Soon



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