Changing Camera Backgrounds

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Camera Backgrounds will only be available if the Company Administrator has uploaded and selected backgrounds for Hosts and Attendees to use during the sessions.  If the Company Administrator has not uploaded, or selected backgrounds for session use only the Remove and Blur options will be available.  If the Choose Camera Background is not available under Web Cam Settings, this option is not available for your organization.


To change your Camera Background:

1. When joining a session, turn on your Web Cam.

2. Click your name and select Web Cam.



3. Click Choose Camera Background



4. Select the Background to use in your Web Cam.  The Remove.jpg will remove a  Background applied.  The Blur.jpg blurs the background of the Web Cam. 



5. Then click Apply.



Please Note:  The Camera Backgrounds will not work/appear in a Test Room.  It will re-appear once you move back to a Breakout Room or the Main Room.


Add-On Note:  As of September 24, 2021, this feature can be added.  For more information, contact your Sales Representative.

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