Co-Host Role - What I Can Do In The Session

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What is a Co-Host

Designating Co-Hosts

What can Co-Hosts do

What is a Co-Host

A Co-Host is a role that is designated by the creator of the session also known as the Host.  This allows one or more participants to assist in managing or run the session. They have full Host privileges in a session (see section: What can Co-Hosts do ). The Host and Co-Hosts work in tandem within the session. For example, if the Host “starts” a video then the Co-Host could “pause” or “stop” the video. Likewise, if the co-host opened a presentation in pane 2, but then the Host decided to invite an attendee to screen share, the last action taken overrides the previous action


Designating Co-Hosts

The Host can invite a participant in the role of a Co-Host by assigning the role under Session Attendees

  • this assignment will remain any time the user joins a session until the Host changes the role


promote this role on the fly within the session

  • Promoting the role of Co-Host within the session is temporary.  Once the user leaves the session for 2 minutes or more then returns or enters the session at a later date, the user enters as the role they were originally assigned

**Note: There is no limit to the number of Co-Hosts that can be assigned to a session.**

Click on Settings to the far right of the participants name in the Attendee List.  Then click "Make Co-Host".



The Host of the session appears at the top of the attendee list followed by the Co-Hosts then Attendees.



What Can Co-Hosts Do


Feature in Session Host Co-Host

Ability to Fully Manage Breakout Rooms

***The Co-Host is able to move in and out of BORs just as the Host while maintaining the Co-Host role.***

Play/Pause/Stop Video X X
Play/Pause/Stop Audio X X
Ability to add Assets to a session X X
Ability to release Audio/Video/Documents/Presentations in session X X
Ability to open documents X X
Ability to open presentation X X
Ability to screen share X X
Ability to use laser pointer X X
Ability to use annotation tools X X
Disable/Allow Mics X


Allow Multiple Mics X


View/Clear Feedback X X
Send Room Check X X
Save/Reset Session Layout X X
Ability to invite and change user’s roles while in the session. X  X
Ability to view/run reports.



Ability to cancel sessions


Start SSR X X

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