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We are excited to announce our newest update to the Jigsaw User Experience. We are introducing a new asset manager and attendee manager that will make adding, removing, and managing both your session assets and attendees easier than ever. We have a completely new technology stack that will support creating and editing sessions on tablet and mobile as well as your personal computer. 

  • User Account has been expanded to include access to:

    • New administrative permissions and settings

    • API settings

    • Online Knowledge Base

    • Test My Computer page

  • New Home page with consistent menu bar and design across all pages for easier access to other areas

  • Creating a Session:

    • Improved UI to support creating sessions with tablet and mobile

    • Multi-step numerical guide to assist you in gathering key session information

    • Ability to exclude the Host and Co-Presenter from manual or automated Room Checks

    • Easier access to joining a session while updating or editing with just a click

    • Audio changes to allow for one or multiple microphone setup

  • Asset Library and Attendee Databases - Numerous enhancements include:

    • Thumbnail preview for most newly uploaded assets and for the attendee's avatar

    • Left to right navigation for adding and removing assets and attendees from a session

    • Excel, .CSV and PDF options for exporting a list of all assets and attendees in the database and session

    • Easy drag and drop capabilities in the session assets to change the sort order

    • Easily attach any asset type with just a click

    • Edit asset names and tag information by clicking the name

    • File browsing or drag and drop options for importing attendee information

    • Group information, attendee's name and email updates across the database and in any session the group or attendee was previously added

    • Column sorting and filtering

  • Recurring Sessions - Ability to manage assets and attendees from the Master session.

  • Enhanced the Company Admin tools:

    • Ability to import and export Host account list

    • New Host permissions: Admin Assistant and Host Assistant

  • Added a new Session Asset report to the Jigsaw reporting

  • Relevant Help articles 

  • And, much, much more!!


To learn more, click HERE

Watch the video to help familiarize you with the new interface and the cool new features. 


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