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July 3, 2019


  • Noteboard: Group, Personal, and Presenter Notes have been added with unpinning and editing options.  Learn more on using the Noteboard.
  • Instant Poll: Poll attendees with viewable chart and list view summaries. Learn more on using the Instant Polls. Learn more on using an Instant Poll.
  • My Attachments: Now located in Pane 4 with the ability to pre-release or on demand from within the session. Learn more on using My Attachments.
  • Auto Gain: Microphone volume is automatically adjusted by your browser. 


  • Applied optimizations to audio and web cam streaming addressing multiple reported issues.
  • Fixed removing and attendee from the session while in Step Away mode.
  • Fixed closing breakout rooms when notes have been used.
  • Realigned the overlay web cam and repin icons.
  • Corrected supported browser messaging for Firefox users.
  • Realigned the Global Attendee Options when the left sidebar is in use.
  • Fixed annotations not starting when Document assets used in the session.
  • Fixed the web cam light auto starting from the test page.
  • Fixed the web cams readjusting to small thumbnails after maximizing pane 1 and moving to grid view.
  • Fixed session recording auto start settings.
  • Fixed releasing of web links.
  • Fixed the missing "next" page in Documents.
  • Fixed the multiple instances of microphone and web cams options appearing in the settings.
  • Fixed the "no installed device" messaging.  (Still issues) and we lose the mic settings
  • Fixed the Media Channel connection.






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