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September 13, 2019

For creating and managing your Jigsaw sessions, go to https://app.jigsawinteractive.com.


  • Jigsaw App has been updated to version 3.2 for a cleaner and more streamlined installation from within the session as well as from your test page. 

  • Account Profile - modifications to the user profile for a more intuitive process for resetting your password. 


  • Computer Audio - applied optimizations to audio within Main Room and Breakout Rooms.

  • 2 Pane Breakout Room - corrected Image assets from showing in a 2 pane breakout room when the panes are maximized. 

  • Group Whiteboard - applied a fix to the undo/redo. Additional updates will be applied to these tools while zooming. 

  • Group Whiteboard - updated the "i" for to show who created and last updated with date and time. 

  • Group & My Whiteboard - corrected the spinning wheel. 

  • Instant Polls - applied corrections so that the list and chart results copy to the Whiteboard as well as the ability for the Host and Co-Presenter to edit and delete polls.

  • Breakout Rooms - optimized PDF Bring Backs.

    • Naming convention is as follows: RoomName_YearMonthDay_24hourseconds.

    • Additional optimizations will be applied in a future update for larger whiteboard content. 

  • Company Admin - correction was made so this user is able to add assets for any Host account within the same company.

  • My Presentations - fixed the random changing of pages as pages were being changed in pane 2 Presentations. 

  • My Web Links - applied a fix so that the target path from within a Breakout Room points to the correct url.

  • Timer Settings - several optimizations were applied to timer settings so that when the user has paused a timer the time does not advance forward several seconds. We also corrected the timer name as well as access to the Host and Co-Presenter only from within the Main Room. 

  • Presentations / Documents - applied corrections when using Fit to Screen and Actual Size so that the file properly centers in pane 2. 

  • View Feedback Summary - fixed the "Copy to Whiteboard".

  • Notes - corrected the ability for any attendee to edit or delete another attendee's note. 

  • Enforce Start Time - Every Day - enabled to use in setup or editing of session.

  • External Audio Text Field - corrected the error in saving changes and added a "save" prompt. 

  • Session Recording Tool - increased recording countdown to 180 seconds.

  • Recurring Sessions - Corrected Recurring Instances to have a unique session link instead of the Master link. 





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