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September 20, 2019




My Profile - Search as you type has been applied to the Time Zone field. (#1835)

Role in Session - If the Host changes the role of attendee from within the session to be different from the initial role in which that attendee first joined the session or was invited via the Session Attendees, the user's role will revert to their original role when that user has exited the session for more than two minutes. If the user exits and rejoins in under two minutes, the role will be the same as the last state. (#2403)

This fix addresses the issue of Host changing "Attendees" into "Presenters" from within a session and then that "Presenter" having the capability to join again without the Host in the session.

QR Code - Ability to scan any QR code placed in a Document, Presentation, Image, Whiteboard and in Notes. If you can scan it, you can use it.

Relevant Help Articles - Increasing Help Articles specific to the content and page from where you are working. (#1807)

Phone Audio / Call Me Feature - Phone audio has been added to 5.1.6. (#1771)

Mirroring Web Cams - Added the ability to turn "on" or "off" mirroring. When "enabled" all web cams are mirrored. When "disabled" all mirroring for all viewers is disabled. This currently works with one web cam or multiple web cams in "filmstrip" view only. When disabled, all viewers will see from left to right. This is especially helpful when using document cameras or flash cards in the web cam.



Annotations in Presentations or Documents - Applied a fix so that the annotated PDF file renders correctly in Pane 2 and does not cut off the annotations. (#2078)

Optimizations to Computer Audio and Web Cams - Updates applied to further optimize audio and web cameras.

Remove From Session - Removing a session attendee requires a "reason for removing" to be entered. (#2139)

Chat Toggling to the Main Room - Fixed the toggling to the Main Room chat when unpinning the Host unpins the Chat area. (#2445)

Adding Session Assets - This has been fixed so that a manual refresh is no longer required on the Session Assets page in order to see the assets show up in the list. (Please note, if you are in a "live" session when adding new assets, you will need to Refresh Assets in order to sync the assets that you recently added. (#2039)

PDF Exports - The date and time have been corrected so that it reflects the user's profile time zone. If a user profile has not been created, it will default to the Host date and time. (#2349)

My Presentations / My Documents - Fixed bug so that user is able to change pages via "Show Slides". (#2345)

Editing a Session Name - Applied fix so that the edited session name appears correctly in the Session Assets and Session Attendee areas. (#2045)

Invite Guest within Session - Resolved issue so that the emails are being sent to the invited guest. (#2264)






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