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December 17, 2019


  • Ability for the Host or Co-Hosts to chat across all Breakout Rooms. (#2939)
  • Added a "Test Room" to Breakout Rooms. (#2938, #3026)
  • Added "Quick Move" for Hosts and Attendees to quickly move in and out of Breakout Rooms.



  • Added messaging to show character supported for asset file names. (#2575)
  • Applied a fix to prevent error from occurring when Host removes an existing Document or Presentation from session while session is Live. (#2820)
  • Applied a fix to refresh the Cache when adding Session Assets. (#2821)
  • Applied a fix so the Asset name field will continue to show if the user adds the same type of asset without closing the dialog box. (#2978)
  • Applied a fix so the Supported Character Tip is not visible when uploading multiple assets at the same time. (#3528)
  • Applied an update to disable downloading by Company Admins when the assets are "Uploaded By" = API. (#3449)
  • Applied a fix so the Canvas API syncs when scheduled. (#3444)


  • Applied a fix when Host or Co-Host attempt to add attendee to Attendee Manager who is already added to another Attendee Manager in the same company. (#2965)
  • Applied a fix so when a SSR recording is shared with a company attendee, then Host tries to delete attendee, the attendee is removed. (#3466)
  • Applied a fix so when a Company Admin adds an attendee, the Host is able to delete the attendee. (#3467)
  • Applied a fix so Host can move attendees using BOR manager. (#3457)


  • Applied a fix so Audio and Video playing in Pane 1 ends if there is no Active Presenter in the session. (#3202)
  • Applied a fix to keep audio between Computer and Phone Audio users. (#3404)
  • Applied a fix so Look Who's Talking icon shows current user talking when Attendee List is unpinned. (#3395)
  • Applied a fix so the Test Microphone works on the Landing Page. (#3392)
  • Applied a fix so message does not appear when session is Phone Only and Keep Audio in Phone is checked and Host plays video and audio asset. (#3463)

Breakout Room:

  • Applied a fix so that all attendees will automatically be moved to the Main Room if no Host, Co-Host, or Presenter is in the session after 2 minutes. (#3333)
  • Applied an update to set Bring Back PDFs when Save as PDF is disabled. (#3417)
  • Applied a fix so Pane 2 in a Test Room shows "No Uploaded Assets!" if no presentations have been uploaded. (#3485)
  • Applied a fix so BORs Bring Back PDFs bring back files when BOR is closed and Save as PDF is set to False.
  • Applied an update showing settings grayed out when Host sets up a Test Room. (#3493)
  • Applied an update so first user in a Test Room is not a Presenter (the user's role remains the same as in the Main Room). (#3494)
  • Applied an update so the Test Room can be turned on/off at the Company Level. (#3505/#3508)
  • Applied an update so Host can see the Test Room setting if enabled at the Company Level. (#3507)


  • Applied a fix to keep chat messages from disappearing when Chat is pinned and unpinned. (#3437)

Co-Host Settings:

  • Applied a fix preventing Co-Host from changing own role within the session. (#3304)

Exporting / Saving PDF:

  • Applied a fix so a blank drop down is not visible when the Company prevents exporting of PDFs. (#3363)
  • Applied an update to the Save as PDF option so when turned off at the Company level, it impacts the Whiteboard, Notes, and Annotations and does not apply to the BOR's Bring Back PDF. (#3406)


  • Added a notification if user turns on Web Cam and iPad is turned upside down explaining other users may see the camera upside down unless device is rotated.  (#2025)
  • Applied a fix so that audio and video assets can be played in Pane 1 and Pane 4 when user is on an iPad. (#2880)

Joining Session:

  • Applied a fix so that a host joining a session within a Company with setting "Password: Link Not Required" will have to enter their password to join to meet security requirements. (#2983)
  • Applied a fix so that a Host joining a session from the Asset Manager screen will see branding for Host's company if applied. (#2987)


  • Applied the ability to use multi-language functionality into the Noteboard. (#3199)

Phone Audio:

  • Applied a fix so that computer audio users do not hear phone audio users messaging. (#3289)
  • Applied a fix so computer audio users do not hear audio coming from the phone audio user. (#3389)


  • Applied a fix so users moving from Breakout Out Rooms to Main Room see the presentation being presented in that room. (#1999)


  • Applied a fix to prevent an error when selecting specific time zones. (#2539)
  • Applied an update to the process of requesting a password reset by email. (#2909/3527)

Screen Sharing:

  • Applied a fix so Screen Sharing would not start when the Refresh button was clicked to refresh Application list. (#3356)

Session Side Recording: (SSR)

  • Corrected instances where the recording was not showing when using "auto record".  (#2567)
  • Applied a fix to correct the "Processing" under Recorded Tab. (#2216, #2850)
  • Added the ability to turn Auto Record on/off at the Company Level. (#2580)
  • Fixed "Phone Only" when so that audio is captured in the recording.  (#3290)
  • Applied a fix to allow the recording of audio/video sound when all users are on Phone Audio and Keep Audio in Phone is checked. (#3416)

Version Information:

  • Added versioning and date to the Jigsaw Logo. (#2140)


  • Applied an update that allows the user to add small marks to the Whiteboard. (#2316)
  • Applied a fix so the when the Eraser Tool has been selected then the user inserts a Screenshot or Pastes a Graphic, the image will not be instantly deleted. (#3354)



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