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May 8, 2020


Account Profile:

  • Added the ability to lock student profiles to prevent attendees from editing all or certain components of their user profile. (#3974)

Asset Uploads and Conversions:

  • Added on-screen notifications visible to users uploading assets where the Jigsaw page is not the active window. (#4030)
  • Added an on-screen tool tip outlining the file requirements for “Presentation” assets.  (#4286)
  • Added a conversion status column to the Asset Library and Session Assets. (#4486)

Branded Companies:

  • Added the company logo to show in Pane 1 when presenter images have not been uploaded or web cams are not running. (#4761)

Breakout Rooms:

  • Added a new user role called a “Lead”. (#3028 & related)
  • Added the ability to “Apply Layouts” in Breakout Rooms. (#4883)

Email Registration:

  • Applied an update that allows Gmail accounts the ability to register and login to Jigsaw using sibling e-mail addresses. (#2608)

Feedback Emojis:

  • Added the ability for Hosts, Co-Hosts, and Leads to give instant feedback among themselves. (#4518)

Host Email Notifications:

  • Added the ability to enable email notifications to be sent for new host accounts.  (#4504)

Home Page:

  • Added the ability for saving preferred sort order on the Upcoming, Past, and Recorded Tabs of the My Sessions screen. (#4540)


  • Added an enhancement to notify users when the CAPS LOCK is “on” when setting up or editing their password information. (#4605)

Session Recording:

User Roles

  • Enhanced the “Presenter” role to auto-promote to a “Co-Host” when another host is not already in the session. (#4279)
  • Added a new “Lead” role. (#3028 & related)

Web Cam Mirroring:

  • Applied an update to disable web cam mirroring by default along with a visual hover tip example to show how mirroring works in the Jigsaw session by “sharer” and “viewer”.  (#3859)



Add to Calendar:

  • Applied a fix so phone numbers appear correctly on session invitations and the calendar export. (#4730)


  • Applied enhancements and optimizations to the Asset Library and Session Asset areas.  (#3777, #4373, #4750, #4391, #4474, #4586, #4522, #4528, #4845, #4885)


  • Corrected the microphone and camera not being recognized message from appearing when using Safari. (#4008)


  • Optimized the save process for annotated files. (#4347 / #4129)
  • Applied a fix so annotations can be turned on for documents in Pane 2. (#4794)

Breakout Rooms:

  • Applied a fix to prevent SSR from starting in a Test Room. (#3870)
  • Other optimizations and fixes.  (#4251, #4257, #4543, #4735, #4035, #4699, 4705, 4737, #4747, #4748, #4749, #4712, #4775, #4776, #4777, #4778, #4802, #4667, #4668, #4674)


  • Applied a fix so the title bar of the Chat Pane remained stationary when the user scrolled the chat. (#4266)
  • Applied a fix to change the state of the chat icon when clicked. (#4446)

Cloning Session:

  • Removed the On-Demand option from the “Clone Session” tool. (#4174)

My Assets:

  • Applied optimizations to My Assets in Pane 4. (#4892)


  • Applied a fix so a new city can be added to the City field on the Profile screen. (#2915)
  • Applied a fix so an invalid Country or State cannot be entered on the Profile screen. (#4263)
  • Applied a fix so an invalid Time Zone cannot be entered on a Profile. (#4349)
  • Applied an update so that using an apostrophe in a user's name results in the name being properly displayed. (#4440/#4548/#4550/#4552)
  • Correct the error message when opening My Profile. (#4640)


  • Applied an update so the iPad user does not need to turn the device in the opposite horizontal direction in order for Firefox users to see the iPad camera right side up. (#3611)
  • Applied an update so the iPad user's Personal Web Cam Recording video is the correct orientation. (#3872)

Invitation E-mails:

  • Applied a fix so that attendees will receive the invitation email when the Host/Co-Host invites them from within the session. (#4597)

Joining a Session:

  • Applied a fix so the attendee received the "Please Wait for a Presenter" message when trying to join a session without a Host or Co-Host. (#4536)
  • Applied a fix so a Co-Host can join a session without a Host. (#4714)


  • Applied a fix so Pane 3 and 4 are visible after clicking Apply Layout. (#4763)


  • Updated the IP Whitelist Information on the Test My Computer Page. (#4827)

Maximize All:

  • Applied a fix so the Maximize All icon appeared in the correct state when a pane is maximized and minimized. (#4527)

Mobile Phone:

  • Applied an update to the view of a Jigsaw Interactive Session on a Mobile Phone. (#4458)
  • Fixed the 404 error for mobile phone users when accessing the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. (#4501)

My Sessions Page:

  • Added the secured (https) link to the My Session page. (#4206)


  • Applied an update to notify the user that Surveys cannot be downloaded when attempted to be downloaded. (#4677)

Pane View:

  • Applied a fix to prevent Pane 3 from showing when images are not loaded for the session. (#4534)

Refresh Session Settings:

  • Corrected the on-screen message which displays to all session users after refreshing the session settings by the Host or Co-Host.  (#4312)


  • Applied a fix to include all data in the Attachment List Report. (#4212)
  • Applied an enhancement to remove Survey-related reports from the Session Reports page. (#4851)

Screen Sharing:

  • Corrected the unlock message to show Host, Co-Host and Lead. (#4228)

Session Recording:

  • Added an error message if invalid date is entered for the link expiration date field. (#4360)
  • Applied a fix so all attendees appear moved in a room in a recording. (#4758)
  • Applied a fix to show the History for broken SSRs. (#4641)

Side Pane:

  • Applied a fix so the Side Pane is not visible in the session window when the User unpins it. (#4595)

Test My Computer:

  • Applied a fix to the Open Device Settings option on the Test My Computer page. (#4912)


  • Applied a fix so a user can exit a session when the Sidebar is unpinned. (#4095)


  • Applied a fix so that .asf videos will play in a session. (#4751)

Web Cam:

  • Corrected the in-session notification when more than 50 web cams have been requested to turn on in a single room.  (#4232)
  • Applied a fix so that when web cams are unchecked in the Breakout Room settings, Pane 1 is till be visible in the session. (#4736)

Web Link:

  • Applied a fix so the pane does not close when a Web Link is released or unreleased. (#4619)


  • Applied a fix to prevent the Show/Hide Whiteboard icon from incorrectly showing based on the Session Layout. (#4532/#4535)
  • Applied a fix so the Copy to Whiteboard tool copies the content from Pane 2 to the Whiteboard. (#4539)
  • Applied a fix so the Insert Screenshot and Copy/Paste on Whiteboard functions. (#4891)
  • Applied an update so the Save as PDF file has the same font that appears on the Whiteboard. (#4678)
  • Applied a fix so the state of the Show/Hide icon is correct for the Whiteboard when not in a 4-Pane session. (#4717)


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