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May 15, 2020


Application Enhancements

Show Initials

  • Added initials for each session participant. Initials will show in their webcam space and by their name in the chat area.  (#4768, #5046)

Assessments/Instant Poll: (Beta Only)

  • Applied an enhancement to permit adding an Assessment asset to a session. (#4289)
  • Applied an enhancement allowing grades/points to be set for each multiple-choice question. (#4295)
  • Applied an enhancement showing automatically calculated grades for all students who complete an assessment. (#4296)
  • Applied an enhancement permitting Host/Co-Host to select the type of Assessment. (#4306)
  • Applied an enhancement so the Assessment Designer is viewable in the Asset Library. (#4571)
  • Applied an optimization allowing the Instant Poll window to be resized by the user. (#4738, #4957)
  • Applied a fix so the Type is visible for Assessments in the Asset Library and Session Assets. (#4834)
  • Applied a fix so the last item is fully visible in Assessments. (#4843)
  • Improved the ability to copy Assessment results and charts to Whiteboard. (#4910)
  • Applied an enhancement so Attendees receive a notification when an Assessment is released. (#4914)
  • Applied a fix so when the Co-Host closes the Assessments/Instant Poll Manager and restarts it, the same or new poll cannot be started until the first one has been stopped. (#4917)
  • Applied a fix so all question types produce images when copied to Whiteboard. (#4924)
  • Applied a fix so the Save button in the Assessment Builder operates properly. (#4929)
  • Applied a fix requiring an Assessment to be named for saving to occur. (#4930)
  • Applied an enhancement allowing Hosts the ability to create Assessments when setting up or editing a session. (#5007)


Other Fixes and Updates


  • Applied a fix so Attachments could be set when creating/editing a Session. (#5022)
  • Applied a fix so all Asset types can be uploaded to the Asset Library. (#5023)

Breakout Rooms:

  • Corrected the "flashing" in the main room when adding new or editing existing breakout rooms. (#4969)
  • Applied a fix so released Assets and Attachments will appear in a 2-Pane Session/Breakout Room. (#4999)
  • Applied a fix so Attendees would not receive messages when a Breakout Room is closed. (#5020)


  • Applied a fix showing the Attendee Code on EMail Invitations and the Add to Calendar file for Phone Only Sessions. (#5062)


  • Corrected the glitch in the main room with the Apply/Reset Layout option when breakout rooms are in use. (#5060, #5061, 5063)

PDF Files:

  • Applied a fix so that the math equations appear in the annotated and breakout room bring back files. (#4942)

Screen Sharing:

  • Applied a fix to stop Screen Share for any end-user who is sharing their screen while moving between rooms. (#4937)

Side Panel:

  • Applied a fix so that all attendees appear in the Attendees List and Chat for all users. (#5064)


  • Applied a fix so the Copy to Whiteboard from Pane 2 transfers the screenshot to the Whiteboard in Pane 4. (#5031)

Web Cams:

  • Applied a fix so that all the web cams are visible after Attendees return from a Test Room. (#5059)

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