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September 11, 2020

This update addresses overall system optimizations and fixes.

Asset Library

  • Applied a fix to properly show folders when using filters. (5212)

Breakout Room

  • Applied a fix to prevent blank pages from being added to Whiteboard in Breakout Rooms when the user clicks Save as PDF. (6360)
  • Added an enhancement to include a flag at the Company Level to disable automatic BOR Bring Back PDFs. (6388)
  • Applied a fix to prevent Breakout Room Manager from closing unexpectedly when in use. (6420)


  • Applied a fix to prevent Add to Calendar from sending the user an error. (6389)


  • Applied a fix so that the Co-Host has the ability to start and stop videos through the medial list. (5967)

Instant Poll

  • Applied a fix to show the "X" for closing the Instant Poll Manager and to wrap long answers for a Poll question. (6434)

Outlook Invitation

  • Applied fix for the error message when downloaded an Outlook invitation. (6529)


  • Applied a fix so the user is able to export Session Reports without error. (6439)


  • Applied for a fix so sessions are not split between attendees with lost audio/video or SSRs or Personal Web Cam Recordings. (6489)

Test My Computer

  • Applied a fix to the spinning page when opening the device settings. (6436)


  • Applied a fix to keep Whiteboard pages properly ordered when cloning Breakout Rooms. (6495)
  • Applied a fix to show the Whiteboard properly when adding pages. (6498)
  • Applied a fix to properly order pages when annotating on an exported Whiteboard PDF. (6499)


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