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September 25,2020


  • API
    • Added several API enhancements and updates to show sessions created by the API as well as syncing of session and student info.
  • Assessments
    • Added time in minutes vs. seconds. (Beta)
  • Instant Polls
    • Ability to Safari users to create and edit assessments.  (Beta)
  • Breakout Rooms
    • When adding more than one breakout room, All Rooms is selected. However, when adding only one room, the room just added is automatically selected.
  • Company Administrators:
    • Added the ability to set permissions and Dashboard access via the Host import file.
    • Added ability for the Company Admin to to create user accounts using a .csv import. Removed this access for other Host accounts.
  • Image Assets
    • Added end-user message to show that this type of asset is not released.
  • Layout
    • Applied several layout enhancements and fixes.


Fixes & Updates


  • Applied an enhancement to show which sessions were created via the API Sync. (6276)
  • Applied a fix so when students are removed from Canvas, they are also removed from a Jigsaw Session. (6254)
  • Applied a fix to correct active sessions showing in Canvas that were deleted in Jigsaw. (6256)


  • Applied a fix so document pages do not become out of order when Annotations are turned on in Pane 2. (6589)
  • Applied a fix so Annotated Presentations/Documents can be Saved to Asset Library and Saved as PDF. (6645)
  • Applied a fix so when turning off Annotations, the presentation/document returns to the page left off of when annotating. (6661)


  • Applied an enhancement to prohibit the release of Images in Session Assets. (3821)
  • Applied an enhancement to prevent the release of Image assets from the Edit Assets window. (6622)
  • Applied a fix to prevent unselected assets from being added to a session. (6352)
  • Applied a fix so removing an asset from the session does not remove it from a room where it was added. (6539)


  • Applied a fix to prevent audio bleed from occurring between Breakout Rooms and the Main Room. (6440)

Breakout Room

  • Applied an enhancement for the Breakout Room manager so the newly created room is selected when only one room is created and All Rooms is selected when two or more rooms are created. (5471)
  • Applied a fix so attendees can be moved to rooms via the Breakout Room Manager. (6415)
  • Applied a fix so the Breakout Room Manager user can see the correct page numbers at the bottom of the Attendees Tab. (6428)
  • Applied a fix so assigned attendees see the Breakout Room under the Quick Move list. (6540)
  • Applied a fix to prevent unselected assets from being added to a room from the Breakout Room Manager. (6603)
  • Applied a fix to prevent the Breakout Manager from being opened by two or more users simultaneously. (6631)

Bring Back PDF

  • Applied a fix so the Whiteboard Bring Back PDF appears with the proper pages. (6641)


  • Applied an enhancement to allow pinning and repinning when the user is using a Safari Browser. (5741)

Company Admin

  • Applied an enhancement to permit Company Admins to add Admin and Host Assistants during imports. (2803)


  • Applied a fix for the Host to individually clear feedback provided by the Co-Host. (6148)

Instant Poll

  • Applied an enhancement so time limits for assessments appear as minutes. (5331)
  • Applied an enhancement for Safari users to have the ability to use Assessment Tool to create and edit Assessments. (5477)
  • Applied a fix to prevent an Instant Poll from having answers repeated within the same question. (6107)
  • Applied a fix to include the Instant Poll V1 Report in the Zip File when the user Exports All Reports. (6525)

Laser Pointer

  • Applied a fix so all tools on the Whiteboard are accessible after using the Laser Pointer then the Undo/Redo tools. (6576)


  • Applied an enhancement to maintain the state of the Side Panel when moving between rooms in a session. (6132)
  • Applied an update to minimize the size of the menu "Who should see the screen share" when granting screen sharing permission. (6108)
  • Applied a fix so repin options remain visible after Breakout Room Manager is closed. (6137)
  • Applied an update to Assessments. (6143)
  • Applied a fix to prevent all unpinned panes from being repinned when repinning the Additional Pane. (6500)


  • Applied a fix to enable the speaker for the iPhone user. (5355)
  • Applied a fix for phone users to use Direct Chat. (5675)
  • Applied a fix to prevent the camera view from being disturbed when a mobile user is a Co-Host. (6044)
  • Applied a fix so the Instant Poll modal properly fits on the iPhone user's screen. (6162)
  • Applied a fix so the Help Button on the Landing and Exit pages work on mobile devices. (6163)
  • Applied a fix so Android phone users are able to hear mic/phone users in a session. (6407)
  • Applied a fix so phone users can see web cams of other users. (6411)

Quick Move

  • Applied a fix so the Co-Host sees Quick Move for custom breakout rooms. (5863)

Screen Share

  • Applied a fix to remove the white lines dividing screen shares when there are three or more screens being shared. (6071)
  • Applied an update to direct users to an updated Help Article when Learn More is clicked on the Welcome to Screen Share window. (6620)


  • Applied a fix to clone images when cloning a session and Images are selected. (3697)
  • Applied a fix to prevent split sessions from occurring on different servers. (6489)
  • Applied a fix so the Enforce Start Days are not displayed when a session has the same start and end date. (6184)

Test Room

  • Applied a fix so that Private Conversation between a Host and Co-Host is ended if either leaves the session. (6327)
  • Applied a fix so only the Web Cam, Presentations, Attendees List, and Chat is visible in the Test Room. (6613)

Web Cam

  • Applied a fix to prevent the Overlay web cam from disappearing from users who return to the Main Room from a Breakout Room. (5986)
  • Applied a fix to show the Overlay Web Cam icon in the Session Toolbar when a pane is maximized. (6027)
  • Applied a fix so the Host/Co-Host see the Full Screen icon for the Primary camera in Film Strip mode. (6134)
  • Applied a fix so the Host's camera is maximizing to full screen in Pane 1 of a Test Room. (6135)


  • Applied a fix to prevent content from being lost on a Whiteboard page when pages are created quickly. (5985)
  • Applied a fix to prevent the Personal Whiteboard from responding slowly. (6082)
  • Applied a fix so all tools work properly after using the Laser Pointer then taking a screenshot. (6168)

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