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January 10, 2020

Jigsaw App:

  • Updated the Jigsaw App to version 3.4.4-552 and applied several optimizations and fixes. For added security, MAC users will enter their admin password for installing and uninstalling the Jigsaw App. (#3321) Click HERE for Jigsaw App install and uninstall instructions.
  • Applied a fix to correct the issue causing the Jigsaw App not to "start". As result, when the "Share" button was clicked, nothing would happen. (#1813)
  • Added auto detection of Windows x64 users along with the Jigsaw App download option. (#3122) (#3091)
  • Corrected the issue causing the entire screen to show when using Application sharing so that only the selected application shows. This also corrects the "refresh" so that opened applications appear in the list. (#3160)
  • Removed the download option from the landing page. (#3587)


  • Optimized the inactivity check so that attendance is recorded correctly in the Session Reports and Dashboard data. (#3462)(#3561)

Session Attendees:

  • Fixed the issue causing an error when removing attendees from the Session Attendees. (#3604)


  • Overall platform optimizations for stability and maintenance.



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