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May 10, 2021


Application Updates

- Breakout Room Polls:  Maintained the ability to create Polls from Session Assets and from the Main Room. Polls used in Breakout Rooms can be "taken" not "created/edited".

Notes: Added functionality that automatically shows the scroll bar to the bottom of the most recently added entry so that the user does not have to scroll to see newly added notes.

- Whiteboard: Added the ability to copy and paste images to the Whiteboard using Chrome and Edge browsers.

**Global Options: Added the ability to enable all session attendee web cams with just a click. Up to 25 simultaneous web cams can be used in the Main Room and 65 web cams in a Test Room. When the maximum number of web cams has been reached, attendees will receive an alert. 



**Add-On Note:  As of July 2020, Test Room feature can be added.  For more information, contact your Sales Representative.

Other Fixes and Updates

Account Registration

  • Applied a fix to remove the Log Out button from the Account Registration screen. (8479)


  • Applied a fix so a Quick Poll appears correctly when an Attendee moves from a Breakout Room to the Main Room. (8243)
  • Applied a fix so the Assessments appear properly based on their assigned visibility in Session Assets. (8482)
  • Applied a fix to the text wrap appearance and character limit name of the Assessments on Tablets and Mobile Phones. (8518)
  • Applied a fix so releasing Assessments works correctly. (8609)


  • Applied a fix so Assets are attached/released when selected and checked. (8221)
  • Applied an update to remove .asf files from approved formats for videos. (8509)
  • Applied a fix to remove the empty red notification when adding an asset to a session. (8582)


  • Applied a fix so Attendee Groups added by Co-Hosts can be edited. (8514)


  • Applied a fix so the user's mic did not become disabled at the browser level when rejoining a session moments after leaving or rejoining using a different browser. (8768)


  • Applied a fix so when Releasing/Unreleasing Audios/Videos, the Loading screen does not appear for the Audio/Video lists. (8705)

Breakout Room

  • Applied a fix so if more than 50 images are trying to be uploaded into the Session Assets or Breakout Room Assets, none of the Images will be uploaded. A limit of 50 will be set for each area. (7309)
  • Applied a fix so the Breakout Room Manager remains opened after a "reload/refresh" of the window. (7824)

Bring Back PDFs

  • Applied a fix so Annotated Files and Bring Back PDFs appeared in the Main Room Documents in Pane 2 without using Refresh Assets.8711


  • Applied a fix so an error was not received when the user attempted to edit a Direct Chat Message. (8517)
  • Applied a fix so when unlocked the Group Chat does not relock automatically for individuals. (8595)

Company Host

  • Applied a fix so the Host filter works correctly when filtering in the Session Manager. (8129)


  • Applied a fix so when releasing/unreleasing Presentations/Documents, the current Presentation/Document does not automatically appear in Pane 2. (8704)
  • Applied a fix so the current presentation does not change when the Host moves between rooms. (8791)


  • Applied a fix so the filter for the Home Page works properly. (8694)


  • Applied a fix so when joining a session without a Host/Co-Host, the Attendee sees the "Please wait for a Presenter to join the session". (8781)


  • Applied a fix so when an attendee is moved to a Breakout Room, the correct layout for the room is shown. (8718)
  • Applied a fix so new Layouts were applied to Attendees if they were moved to or brought back from a room. (8766)

Math Equation

  • Applied a fix so Math Equations from the Math Editor Tool appear correctly in the Bring Back PDF/Exported PDF. (8379)


  • Applied a fix so the Android Phone user does not receive an error when switching between the front and back camera of the phone. (6556)
  • Applied a fix so the Android Phone user can select a different camera in the Web Camera pane without the session freezing. (8035)
  • Applied a fix so Mobile Phone users receive notifications for Direct Chat when on different components. (8135)
  • Applied a fix so Android Phone Users can change Web Camera settings without the session freezing. (8136)
  • Applied a fix so the Android Phone Users can see the Camera View change in the Web Camera pane without the session freezing. (8137)
  • Applied a fix to prevent a black Overlay Camera from appearing when an Android Phone user turns off own camera. (8556)


  • Applied a fix so the name of the user who entered the Note does not disappear after the user leaves the session. (7063)

Phone Audio

  • Applied a fix so the 'Call from' number is displayed when using the "Calling out to you" Feature for Phone Audio. (6790)

Phone/Computer Audio

  • Applied a fix so the Phone and Computer Audio mixed properly. (8745)

Quick Poll

  • Applied a fix so that when an attendee has exited the session during a Quick Poll, their name is removed from Quick Poll's attendee list. (5396)


  • Applied an update so the filenames in the Reports Export All option were the same as the Reports screen.8360
  • Applied a fix to show the Session Name on the Poll Overview Report. (8615)

Screen Sharing

  • Applied a fix to continue Screen Sharing after Apply/Reset Layout is used by Host/Co-Host. (8547)

Session Side Recording

  • Applied optimizations to the Session Side Recording timer. (8579)

Side Pane

  • Applied a fix to prevent a Loading Screen from appearing when unpinning the Side Pane or any component of the Side Pane. (8554)
  • Applied a fix so when repinning components of the Side Pane, or the entire Side Pane, they pin in the correct location. (8632)


  • Applied a fix to correct the volume auto-adjusting when a video is playing while the session layout is changed. (5099)

Web Camera

  • Applied an fix so the Overlay Camera did not disappear on the iPad. (7683)
  • Applied a fix so the Overlay Camera is shown by default for the first time that panes 2, 3, or 4 are maximized. Additional maximizations will render the end-user's overlay camera based on their last individual setting of their overlay window. (7733)
  • Applied a fix to prevent Web Cameras from being turned off when the user who is browser Screen Sharing stops sharing. (8544)
  • Applied a fix so when the Web Camera is turned off, the Web Camera's light does not remain green. (8552)
  • Applied a fix so the Overlay Camera remained in the state set by the User when any user turned on/off their own web camera. (8571)
  • Applied a fix so the Overlay Camera did not minimize after the user's role was changed. (8589)
  • Applied a fix so the Overlay Camera does not minimize when a Pane other than Pane 1 is maximized and any user turns on their web cam. (8590)
  • Applied a fix so the Overlay Camera defaulted to Open (or "Shown") when a Pane was maximized for the first time. (8649)


  • Applied a fix to remove the double scrollbar on the Whiteboard. (8248)
  • Applied a fix to prevent the Whiteboard from zooming out when a different pane is Maximized for all. (8493)



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