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May 28, 2021


Application Updates


  • Applied a fix so Assessments nor Web Links are added as Attachments in a session. (6299)

Import Attendee File

  • Applied a fix so a message is received if a CSV file of Attendees is uploaded with a missing comma separating fields. (6506)

Web Cam

  • Applied a fix to prevent the Overlay Web Cam from being hidden. (6626)


  • Applied a fix so Audios/Videos continue playing after a Session is refreshed. (8002)


  • Applied a fix so the Mobile Phone user sees the notification over the Pane 2 Component when the Host/Co-Host switches between Documents and Presentations. (8143)


  • Applied a fix so the cloned Assessment's name is updated after the clone is completed from within a session. (8619)


  • Applied a fix so releasing and un-releasing Assets does not cause Pane 3 to refresh. (8775)


  • Applied a fix to the Reports page so that "Manage Participants" goes to the Attendee Manager. (8898)

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