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July 30, 2021

Application Updates

Breakout Rooms:

  • Added the option for the Host/Co-Host to set at a breakout room level the ability for Attendees to change pages on the room whiteboard. When enabled, all room attendees have access to change and add new pages to the room's Group Whiteboard.
  • Added the option for the Host/Co-Host to set at a breakout room level the ability for Attendees to "Self-Exit". When disabled, Attendees cannot return to the Main Room.
  • Replaced the "Delete Room" icon for Host and and Co-Hosts.
  • Replaced the "Return to Main Room" icon for all session participants.

Direct Chat**:

  • Added the ability for the Host/Co-Host to view all in-session Direct Chats in one window.


  • Added an enhancement to make Instant Feedback visible to all Attendees with the option for an Attendee to clear own feedback

Session Recording**:

  • Added the option for the Host/Co-Host to schedule session recordings to be visible on a specific date and time.

Web Cams**:

  • Added optimizations to web cam streaming.


  • Added an enhancement for a screenshot option from Pane 2 as a background image to the group whiteboard.

**Add-On Note:  As of July 2021, these features can be added.  For more information, contact your Sales Representative.




  • Applied a fix so Presentations and Documents load correctly in Pane 2. (9243)

Recorded Sessions

  • Applied an update to the filtering options on the Recorded Sessions Tab.8911


  • Applied a fix to show all names in the Attendee report when exporting as an Excel spreadsheet.9030

Session Invitees

  • Applied a fix so proper messaging is received when a Host invites attendees to a session.8975

Session Layout

  • Applied a fix so when the Host/Co-Host uses Reset Layout the users see the entire Session layout.9149

Zoom Level

  • Applied an overall optimizations to the zoom controls in Panes 2 and Pane 4.8172



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