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February 04, 2022


Application Enhancements

  • Camera Backgrounds - Added the ability for the Company Administrator and Admin Assistant to manage the Blur Image by role in the Camera Backgrounds tab. 10404 



  • Session Recording - Added overall optimizations which streamlines the recording processes. 10151


  • Speech to Text - Added ability to use English text captions. 9563





Whiteboard Sharing - Added ability to share My Whiteboard between Host and Co-Hosts with Leads and Attendees. (Beta Release) 


Fixes and Updates

  • Applied a fix so Polls are not cloned in the Asset Library when a Session is cloned. 8810
  • Applied a fix so the Host/Co-Host can change the Presentation slides by entering a number in Pane 2. 10031
  • Applied an update so if a Company has the Profile area locked, the user cannot change their first or last name when resetting their password. 10109
  • Applied a fix so the Web Cam video and Audio are in sync in the Session Side Recording. 9727
  • Applied a fix so the Session Side Recording is not blank.  9826
  • Applied a fix so the Session Side Recording starts and/or continues to run once started. 9852
  • Applied a fix so all Session Side Recordings are appearing in the Recorded Sessions tab. 10497
  • Applied a fix so the recording for a session is complete. 10578
  • Applied a fix to prevent multiple copies of a Recording from appearing under the Recorded Tab. 10616
  • Applied a fix to the Change Audio when saving and an email is sent to Invitees so an error is not received. 10449

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