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MAY 5, 2022


Application Enhancements

  • Camera Backgrounds - Increased the blur effect for the Blur Background Image. 
  • Closed Captioning - Added:
    • Ability to unpin the captioning window. 9571
    • Increased the number of text lines based on the size of the window before scrolling is activated. 10896
    • Added an inappropriate language filter. 10934
  • Session Recordings (SSR) - Length time format has been changed to "hours:minutes:seconds" to match the time format in the recording player. 10956


Fixes and Updates

  • Polls - Applied a fix so that a Poll only shows questions and answers from the immediate Poll given. 11073
  • Recordings - Fixed the "invalid error" message when viewing session recordings while using Host Impersonation. 11068

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