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October 29, 2021

Application Enhancements

  • Login - If the login attempt looks suspicious to the reCAPTCHA tool, human verification is required to ensure a secure and safe login process. 
  • Screen Sharing - Enhancements have been added so browser sharing is the default option. This will make for an easier and more streamlined sharing option. Remote access and the whiteboard/annotation tools are still supported using the Jigsaw App.
  • Past and Recorded Sessions Tab -  A one year default time frame has been added for rendering of session and recording details.
  • Jigsaw Reports - Optimizations have been made for a faster rendering of data and reports.
  • Activity Report - Column names and formatting have been updated.

Beta Enhancements

  • **Personal Whiteboard which will allow Hosts/Co-Hosts the ability to collaborate on all session attendee's individual "My Whiteboard".
  • **Speech to Text - Allows all audio to convert to text captions.

Add-On Note:  These features will be coming soon.  For more information, contact your Sales Representative.

Other Fixes and Updates

Breakout Rooms

  • Applied a fix so the Number of Rooms field shows 1 by default. (9617)
  • Applied a fix so settings are applied to all Breakout Rooms when "Apply All" Settings is used to be make changes. (9793)


  • Applied a fix so the attendee is unable to delete chat messages once the chat is locked for him. (9334)


  • Applied a fix so the Landscape layout on a Mobile Device appears correctly. (5816)
  • Applied a fix so the Phone icon does not appear in the footer for Mobile users. (5865)
  • Applied a fix so Mobile Users are notified of new chat messages when on a chat with a different user. (6515)
  • Applied a fix so when a Mobile User has the main camera selected and that camera is turned off in Pane 1, the main camera stream is properly updated with an available camera view. (8026)

Personal Notes

  • Applied a fix so the Personal Notes do not disappear when exporting as PDF or Switching away from the Personal Notes. (9763)

Refresh My Connection

  • Applied a fix so the Refresh My Connection works even if the user has a Media Server Error. (9775)


  • Applied an update to the Activity Report to show Co-Host activity and correct column headings. (9901)

Sessions List

  • Applied a fix so the Session List appears when the user is viewing the My Sessions page via a LTI login. (9386)

Session Side Recording

  • Applied a fix so the Session Side Recordings are not rendering blank. (9780)
  • Applied a fix to prevent Expired Session Side Recording from playing for users. (9915)

Web Cam

  • Applied a fix so the Web Cams are in the correct state when returning to the Main Room from a Breakout Room with no Web Cams. (5581)







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