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December 17, 2021

Application Enhancements

Invitee Report - Added messaging to denote this report is preliminary data. Final attendance data is accessible via the Weekly Attendance and Activity reports. mceclip0.png


Camera Backgrounds - Added messaging for using background images. 



Individual Settings - Added the participant's name to the setting under the avatar. 



Coming Enhancements

  • **Personal Whiteboard which will allow Host/Co-Hosts the ability to collaborate on all session attendee's individual "My Whiteboard".
  • **Speech to Text - Allows speech audio to convert to text captions.

Add-On Note:  These features will be coming soon.  For more information, contact your Sales Representative.


Other Fixes and Updates

  • Applied a fix to be able to expand folders in the Breakout Room Manager Asset Library. 9432
  • Applied an update to the Information Button on Company Administrator: Camera Backgrounds to go to the appropriate Help Article for information. 10264
  • Applied a fix so the side pane and individual components of the side pane unpin more timely. 9788
  • Applied a fix so the Simple Math Editor displays in the session when chosen during Session setup. 7907
  • Applied a fix so Attendees with profile restrictions are not able to make changes to the profile parts that are restricted. 9965
  • Applied a fix to the message for the Avatar on the User's Profile Page. 10265
  • Applied an update to the Activity report column headers.  10006
  • Applied a fix so users see content added instead of the resizing boxes for shapes on Whiteboard when Host/Co-Host change pages on Whiteboard while shapes are being added. 10160
  • Overall system optimizations. 

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