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APRIL 5, 2022


Application Enhancements

  • Closed Captioning - Added the ability to customize font and background color along with the ability to move the window within the Jigsaw session.  Closed Captioning is an add on feature. For more information contact your Sales Representative. 


  • Polls and Quick Polls - Applied update so that all session participants appear in alpha order in the Poll window. 

Fixes and Updates

  • Annotations, Documents and Presentations- Applied system optimizations to improve efficiency in delivery of content within a live Jigsaw session. 9122 & 10189
  • Breakout Room Bring Back Files - Applied fix to correct the timestamp on all Breakout Room Bring Back files. 9768
  • Breakout Room Manager - When the Host creates rooms "based number of attendees, a fix has been applied to accurately reflect the number of rooms needed when users are joining the session at different intervals. 10167
  • Whiteboard - Applied update so that the last page visited is saved on the Group and Personal Whiteboard for individual users while actively in the session. 10883
  • Whiteboard - Applied fix so that the resize handles are not automatically showing when adding content to the whiteboard. 10599
  • Quick Move - Applied fix when unpinning "Quick Move" so that the drop-down is responsive to a click. 8753
  • Recording - Applied fix so that when the breakout room setting is updated to "auto-start" and at least one person is already in the room, the recording will begin initializing when the "Save" has been applied in the Breakout Room Manager. 10648 & 10687
    • Breakout Room Recording is an add on feature. For more information contact your Sales Representative. 
  • Recording - Applied fix so that the recording appears in the Recorded Sessions tab regardless of the number of spaces in the recording name. 10693


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