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July 22, 2022


Application Enhancements

  • Audible Alerts / Notifications - Updated the Individual Settings to distinguish between system audible alerts and in session notifications. 11426
  • Annotations / Whiteboard Zoom Control - Relocated the zoom control to the bottom left corner so that the annotated and whiteboard content does not overlay the control and changed the zoom to a + sign with a vertical slider for greater ease of use. 11531
  • Whiteboard Persistent Setting - Added the ability to set a specific whiteboard page in the main room and breakout rooms so that users see the set page when joining the session or moving into a breakout room. 11532
  • Whiteboard Text Tool - Changed the default size to 18 point. 11672


Fixes and Updates

  • Breakout Room Timer - Applied a fix so that rooms set to automatically bring back PDF files while also set to close on a timer, properly close and are removed from the Breakout Room Manager and the Attendee List. 7814
  •  Web Cam Overlay - Applied a fix so that notifications do not cover the web cam overlay. 10828

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