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October 5, 2022


Application Enhancements

  • Applied system optimizations that will improve the Jigsaw experience for users having low bandwidth/connectivity issues. 11420
  • Expanded Audible Alerts for Host/Co-Hosts and Attendees. 11428

Application Fixes and Updates

  • Breakout Room Manager - Applied a fix so that the Quick Move is not available in a breakout room where the Attendee is not allowed to self-exit. 12230
  • Connection - Applied fix so that attendees experiencing a poor network connection are not able to join a session unless the Host or Co-Host is present. 12129
  • Email ID - Applied a fix so that an apostrophe is recognized as a valid character in an Email ID. 12334
  • Session Start Time - Added the user's time zone to the "Session Scheduled to Start" page. If a person is joining as a Guest, the time zone will show in Eastern Standard Time. 12234

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