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September 9, 2022


Application Enhancements

  • Whiteboard
    • Consistent whiteboard size settings for 2 and 4 pane arranged sessions. 11717
    • Polished the zoom slider to make it more prominent when overlapping the horizontal scroll bar. 11739
    • Optimizations to backend services running the whiteboard. 
  • Guest User - Time zone will be set to Eastern Standard Time until the Guest completes a Jigsaw profile. 11840


Fixes and Updates

  • Annotations / Whiteboard - Applied a fix so that the "undo" works when using background images. 7150
  • Assessments - Applied a fix so that the score information does not overlap the description when completing a scored assessment. 8840
  • Attendees Can Join Session Early - Applied a fix so that the "Attendees can join the session early" time parameters and rules are followed. 9179 (See Help Article)
  • Attendee Import - Applied fix to the Attendee import options 1 and 2 so that file format is recognized by the system. 12106
  • Lead Role - Applied a fix so that feedback alerts from the current room location are sent to the Lead. 1180
  • Room Check - Applied a fix so that a Room Check works as intended when a Co-Host or Lead is demoted within the session. 8844
  • Screen Sharing - Applied a fix so that if the user is disconnected while screen sharing and rejoins the session in under two minutes, the user is prompted to resume Screen Sharing. 11536
  • Test Room - Added proper messaging to show that Presentations cannot be "released" or "attached".  9098

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