Company Administrator: Company Settings

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The Company Admin is able to view and edit their Company Settings by clicking the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner when logged in to the Session Manager and selecting either Profile or Manage Account.

Company Information

Company Settings


Company Information

In the Company Information section, the Company Admin has access to the contact information:  Company Name, Address, Phone, and Fax. 

Company Settings

Within the Company Settings, the Company Admin is able to set certain permissions that applies to all users within the company.  This options sets the permission on how Hosts are able to delete the assets in the Asset Library.

  • Hosts can Edit/Delete Assets:
    • Can Edit/Delete Anything
    • Can Only Edit/Delete What They Upload
    • Cannot Edit/Delete Anything
  • Auto Start / End Recording: When selected enforces auto record for all sessions under this company. When deselected allows the Host to manage at an individual session level. 

Auto Start / End Recording is an add on feature. For more information contact your Sales Representative. 

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