Company Administrator: Company Host Role

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The Company Administrator adds individuals to the Company Seats list in the role of Host.  This role provides the individual with permissions within the Company to:

  • Create and/or Clone Sessions
  • Edit Sessions
  • Cancel Sessions
  • Add Assets
    • Add Assets to a Session
  • Add Attendees
    • Assign Roles such as Co-Host and Presenter
  • Facilitate Sessions

The Company Administrator, Admin Assistant, and Host Assistant are able to impersonate Hosts within the company.  

To impersonate a Host, log in with the Company Administrator, Admin Assistant, or Host Assistant account.

1. Click on +Create Session on the My Sessions screen or Create Session under Session Manager.

2. On the Create Session screen,

    1. Name the session,

    2. Select the company,

    3. Select the Host, and

    4. Click Create.


Then follow the steps to set up the session as usual by completing the steps explained on the How to Create a Jigsaw Session article.



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